Ichor Drops Unbalanced

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  1. Yes I can understand that, so I done some quick research based from my clans epic battle history and this is from the revenge of the war beast https://imgur.com/gallery/iitDl and this one is from haunting the escape https://i.imgur.com/ykUrE71.jpg if you can see those two, the drops rate for myself is low but if you see LAN and card which they are bigger then myself, they have obtained a larger drop then myself which was only 44 which I have had the golden crux chest activated.

    So therefor I do believe it is a random drop rate based from the system, but I am here to only answer what could be a thing but then again we could get a developer to answer this for us and confirm a few things.

  2. Right so... first off. You're above the smaller stats that I was getting at... (Below 100mcs). Second, I have noticed the same thing you have when the builds are larger (350mcs+). However even the discrepancy on yours is minimal compared to the 10x more that happens in this instance (and the 100's of times on trains). Not to mention the tiny cs account clarified he was getting 900 on most HTE not 450. Which would be 20x more drops than a BC account.
  3. To clarify... and summarize this whole post... I believe that on premium EB's drop rates should be the same no matter the build size.
  4. Yes I can see that being an issue for many including myself but I will request a developer to pop on here to review and answer some of our questions!

    Another thing I do think it could be that this could also help the smaller builds? Cause lately the developers have been focused with the small builds compared to us bigger builds and BC builds, but again it's just my thoughts! One second I'll see who's awake and who to bug.
  5. With this I agree! Premium epic battles should drop more of the event items ichor due being an paid epic battle where it's like just the event items, the more gold and actions you do the more the item, ichor, should drop! With that I do agree.
  6. Thank you for the support! :)
  7. Eagle rnt u gonna address the violation of my privacy
  8. No need to thank me just my opinion to balance things out! But I have open a ticket and requested one of the developers to answer this question for everyone.
  9. Wow and I just spent Trillions to upgrade hoping to get better drop. I should have tear down my build instead.
  10. You're still small. For sure someone 50m cs will get more but you will definetly have better drop then me or even BC account like oSky.
  11. Ok so ive done enough events, trains to know ichor drops are wrong.

    This isnt some glitch because a 20mil cs account hit a bigger eb by accident. this isnt like drops for main event based on plunder and unloads. This is for the bottle ichor drops to enchant the equip

    Old man drop the best rates so the discrepancy is noticed more on those ebs

    Take Old Man Fiendish... i can max out on xtals on that and be lucky to get 1k ichor drops. Yet some one with a new account can walk away one unload and 4/5k
  12. Support.

    I'm already fed up with the unfair drop rates on Ichors as well as the drops from last event.

    Or maybe the devs make it unfair cos they know bc players will still keep spending just to obtain the decent tier rewards. Either way it's not motivating me to grow my smaller accounts or to spend anymore.
  13. ^Support CheekoP, and support bringing back the balance of Bottled Beetle Ichor drop rates! :D
  14. Lol its funny really. Its usually the bigs getting stupid amount of items for very little actions I don't see you coming on forums when its like that trying to get even drops.

  16. ^^ they know what they're talking about
  18. If you pay for an eb, drops should be equal. Lol

    And no offense but usually it isn't the smalls paying for them. Note the word 'usually' before all the smalls start raging.
  19. I agree. No sense I get less when I'm the one who invested money to buy the seal and someone 10mcs can do half-bar and get 10x more.