Ichor Drops Unbalanced

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  1. I know, the balance sucks, but HTE seems neglected in that way because people will buy seals regardless of how well it drops just for the gold. Smalls will always have the advantages in lower tiers, and I dunno if the devs even bothered rebalancing drops when they released the sky lands.

    If you're interested in the Ichor alone, either don't bother with HTE, or just suck it up and wait for either the devs to change it.

    I think they're trying to encourage different EBs being run, but that's also at the expense of premium users...
  2. Well yeah, if you've got a crappy 10mil account hitting Crushing Old Man, of course it's gonna get a good drop. It's like going naked into a high-level area in an RPG and getting a load of over-levelled loot immediately. Since they don't seem to account for BFE, massive BFE on a tiny hansel = Ez drops, I guess.

    The whole premium thing is the catch in the system. I guess the excuse will be something like "HTE was more designed around farming gold than items."
  3. Nope... Still doesn't make sense... 10m cs getting tier 8 in 3 days... instead of a 1.3B cs which will take all 14 days? In RPG's it get's easier the stronger you are....

  4. If it was like that in an rpg, the bigger account would still get a similar reward.

    And it even does it on more difficult ebs.
  5. Well yeah it's stupid in practice but on paper the game just goes "damn, this dude shouldn't even be hitting this well so he should be rewarded extra".

    I agree with the idea but the actual numbers are a bit stupid. I get like 19 Ichor per EB on this account, I don't even have hope that I'll clear level 3 or 4 really. My tiny alt gets about 40 when I actually use it.

    I mean the idea of "let's help the smalls" is there but the actual numbers are kinda stupid. Unless devs wanna release a new HTE for these big ass accounts that drops some decent numbers 
  6. Bring back the optional bar!! :lol:

    But really... unless the new hte was fast enough for people to train on would still be this issue of smalls outpacing BC builds by a lot. And as it is godforged will take forever/be impossible for most unless they are tiny.
  7. Smalls have almost always outpaced BC builds in some way since EE. Smaller builds = an easier time because in war your opponents were inactive or clueless and in events the drops were godly.

    Maybe the devs just assume that bigger builds will have more money to try for top tier rewards so they'll spend more on the game to get there at a heavily handicapped rate. Or maybe their algorithm just hasn't been updated since 2013.

    Either way, I know the drop rate is terrible but it's got to the point where you've just got to find a way around it unless it gets magically fixed. I know WHY they did it but it's kinda clumsy.
  8. I have no problem with this. Everybody is just whining. We all want to bridge the gap between bigs and smalls and this is what it looks like please accept it.
  9. No, this isn't bridging the gap. It's punishing people for growing.
  10. Alright based from what I am seeing and what I know based from those ichor drops I am here to explain a few things.

    Yes I understand that it seems unfair! But the way I believe this works is that the drop is random for different players, regardless of drops.

    Say top hitter gets 5t on a HTE or so on and only gets 100, one other player gets 450 or so but only done 100b.

    So pretty much regardless of the build I believe it is based from a random drop system that where other players gains more then others and so on.

    But that's my opinion on the system drop and I do believe it should get maintained but if it's a random drop where other players gets a certain amount then the other one, then it should stay.

    Just gotta be lucky I guess?

    But I will do some more research with some epic battles and top plunderers and see and will come back to re-edit this.
  11. I would say check the trains that have been going on for last 3 days. And it is consistently small accounts (Smaller than 100mcs) that get way way better drops.
  12. This isn't bridging anything.... That would be the other type of drops... not Ichor.
  13. I thought I read the ichor drops were directly related to number of successful actions.
  14. No it's not. It's elevating smalls to catch up with the bigs on stats.
    Look at it different, bigs have 100s of millions of stats from equips whereas smalls have very little comparatively. This is bridging the gap in a sense that smalls can catch up to bigs through big equip.

    What are your ideas for bridging the gap?
  15. I ain't no nub take it back boi
  16. Btw that hte was probably my lowest drop.. most of my others had 900 drops

  17. Lower building prices. Bigs already own the buildings, so it won't help them or hurt them, but it would help those trying to grow.

  18. If you think equipment bridges the gap you are wrong... lol remember only take 2% of the cs of equipment to compare to your cs. The other items... which are what the event is ranked on... will reward build tokens. That. Is bridging the gap.