Ichor Drops Unbalanced

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  1. Hello, I am Sky.

    I want to talk about the Ichor drops and how unbalanced they are. So to back up my point with evidence I will be showing my drops vs some tiny cs account...

    Image 1... My drops

    As you can see in the above image I received 54 Ichor from an HTE with gold and silver crux running and 46 total actions.

    Image 2... Small accounts drops

    As you can see in the above image this tiny account received 477 (roughly 9x more) Ichor from the same HTE with gold and silver crux running and 22 (aprox. half of mine) total actions.

    Now to give you an idea of how unbalanced this is... My BC acct compared to their stats...

    Image 3... Noob stats

    As you can see the small account only has around 15m CS... compared to my 1.3B CS. Now I understand wanting drops to be fair so that small accounts aren't left in the dust by BC builds, but this is ridiculous. I'm #1 in the event currently and still don't have the 10k Ichor tier for the new equipment. In other words... I'm still trying to get tier 6 of the new equipment while this tiny account already has tier 7 and is very close to getting tier 8 of the new equipment.

    My suggestion: Raise Ichor drops for large builds to match those of smaller accounts especially on the premium EB's (HTE/ZTA).

    Reasoning: 10x more drops than a BC account with an account that could be less than a week old is crazy. I'm not bashing on Devs attempts to bridge the gap (I actually wanted build tokens months ago) but making smaller/newer accounts receive better drops/rewards than a 6 year BC account should be the opposite direction than what they want. There should be some incentive to grow.

  2. Support. Make the drops equal at least for premium epic battles. Godforged is currently a dream for me.
  3. :evil: :evil: FULL SUPPORT :evil: :evil: I'm not bc and already have t8 of the legs cuz I'm small (like 40mcs) and make 1k ichor per hte but then I see Sky whose #1 in event rn and obviously a big kaw spender (one of the spenders that keeps kaw going) obviously he shouldn't be getting 54 ichor compared to my 1k when all I do is hit a few items while he's using xtals and cruxes..not fair at all to the big accounts to have to spend even more to run xtals to get good ichor drops :!: :!:
  4. Completely support, drops should be some what equal.
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  6. Exactly.
  7. Support let me get some drops 
  8. Yea, they do seem very unbalanced.
  9. Support dis fully
  10. Adjustments need to be made...make it happen devs.
  11. I have let the Devs know :)
  12. I think the mistake you're making is assuming that HTE is the holy grail of drops. It's been pretty mediocre for a while, and RotWB even worse.

    Small accounts have always got better drops for hitting what the game perceives to be an EB way out of their range - I had a much better time farming items from Haunt/Destroyer at 10m CS than I do now at 40m. I don't touch HTE now because it does almost nothing for me.

    If you care about Ichor, do the Old Man EB instead because it's about as common as water from there.
  13. Thank you! I've been in contact with support/feedback but I figured some evidence directly pointing out the issue would be a little better and since we can't email pictures anymore... forums was the only place. :)
  14. I would completely agree... if HTE wasn't the premium EB available to all. It's difficulty is low so that new players can hit it immediately so that they have incentive to buy seals.. but it is supposed to be an eb for all sizes as it is the ONLY premium eb during the week.

  15. Those screenshots were actually taken during an hte and old man train. The problem was similar on the old man ones, not just the Hte.