i_love_to_farm_you lmao

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  1. No I am a tricky
  2. okay Apollo
  3. Just saw in wc that I_love was perma silenced.
  4. This is dumb.
  5. Oooo Drgn.
  6. How is this thread making it to 14 pages there are more farmers worse then this kid.
  7.  still high on sprinkles^^
  8. U need sprinkle rehad bro
  9. I can control it


    I can't control it.
  10. OP already asked it to be locked back page 3...maybe just let it die thanks
  11. Um, might as well add his main maggo 
  12. Nice to see the guy who thinks ******** in sinks is ok is now banned 
  13. Its sad... If i broke down from pure T4 guild hansel and bought 2 maxed sos's (two days of eb's atm) he would be an easy mark... What a noob...
  14. This thread was dying.....
  15. For five whole minutes....
  16. Aimless bumped it at 10:48.... That's more the 5 minutes @.0