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  1. Congratz DAWGkeep up the good work 
  2. Waiting for next apology...
  3. I mean, hey, you guys are bringing the game back to what it's name says..Kingdoms at War. For that I admire you all. 
  4. Good job ad MORTEM ur carving up
  5. :twisted: LOL knight!! Will do... :twisted:

    Ad Mortem
  6. Ad mortem
  7. If they are stealth, then how do you know who destroyed you?
  8. Ad Mortem is kicking KaWs ass!!!!

    Full Support
  9. AD MORTEM STRIKES AGAIN!!! YET ANOTHER ONE DOWN!! oh the owner of my alts clan said that ad mortem was a clan that hadent accomplished anything, as you only warred small weak clans. I suggest your next victim be immortal t7
  10. Willwine, already working on another clan but your request is heard, thanks.
  11. Ok your welcome cbear xD
  12. I love how ad mortem is already starting to get known by kaw. Lol, I doubt u will ever get defeated
  13. Ad mortem is kicking kaw's ass

    :twisted: ad mortem :twisted:
  14. Dont these idiots know to DECLINE Ad Mortem in war? SEESH!
  15. Ass is censored in forums?