I hate my build

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Aries, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. I just hate it. Any ideas how to change it i want to make money by hitting in an eb like haunting?

    What kind of build is the strongest?
    Do i reset?
  2. Hansel is the
    For money making it consists of all lvl 4 guilds and 1
    Attack building
  3. Im talking about makeing money during the eb not after the eb.
  4. Use items when hitting and switch, guild by guild, to an attacking build.(wow that rhymed)
  5. @blade
    You should become a rapper, your obviously a talented person
  6. Have max plunder
    Use 12m pot in the haunting for attack build
  7. I should..
  8. Ok will do and thanks!
  9. After the eb im in i will regain then switch.
  10. I know...Delete buildings/ Make new ones!
    DEERRRRPPP!  now wasn't that easy?
  11. And that's how you change your build. >.€
  12. 5 of each on then 8 aivories
  13. Thats mine lol