I don't understand the reset bonus

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  1. As I said, I don't understand what the reset bonus is. So can anyone explain?? Thanks 
  2. It's a bonus for resetting, very novel idea ;)
  3. Yes i highly suggest you reset daily for max bonuses
  4. You get
    3% Attack and Defense the first reset
    3% Spy A and D the next
    5% A and D the third
    5% Spy A and D the fourth

    A bonus of 50 ally slots for every reset too, but items for only the first 4. High lands complete gives four resets.
  5. 2 resets for highlands compete :roll:
  6. Its not 4?!?

  7. It's fairly simple ...

    ... nevermind ... I'm lost.
  8. o_O
    Your welcome
  9. There is 4 hlbc reset items, read wulf's thread ;)
  10. There are 4 reset items but you only get credited for 2 resets if you reset at hlbc. Best to do 4 resets at 25lands
  11. Neon was almost right.

    3rd is 5% A and spy A

    4th is 5% D and spy D
  12. Blade has the correct order. 
  13. 5th reset will affect anything?
  14. No, it won't but it will give you extra slots for allies
  15. This is one of those self explanatory things.

    Reset bonus = a bonus for resetting 