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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Infam0us, May 7, 2016.

  1. I was wondering if it'll be too late to be a hybrid build. However, meaning I'll only start adding attack on hoarfrost. Can I do this? Or is my current build better? Plus will this harm me in anyway? Thanks.
  2. Ask in WC or go to that question and stop spamming forums with this crap every day or two
  3. It's a reasonable question for somebody who doesn't know and could help others.

    No it's never too late to change your build or tweak it, just be mindful that it's expensive to replace buildings. So have a plan and a basic idea of your final build before you go at it adding random buildings

  4. You're like 15mcs and a finished account is around 500mcs I think you will be able to build change by then

  5. Oh yeah, way too late, sorry about your luck there bud..

  6. Why don't you get a life besides reading every forum that's posted? Burned by the flame.
  7. Not really seeing the burn there buddy
  8. Not too late to change at all, but hansel is better than hybrid in most ways.
  9. Hybrids suck, hansel is best
  10. There are lots of build cals out there for kaw that u can use to give u a good idea on what stats will look like if u start changing out buildings before it cost u a bunch of gold
  11. Hybrid is anti attack and anti hansel build, the most powerful and very fierceful in battle
  12. look at your build,legolas...no adt & sdt..likely u will get kill fast in war.
  13. No it just means you will get destroyed by both hansels and attack builds. Jack of all trades, master of none. It's only better when hitting smaller targets.

  15. Oh yeah, way too late, sorry about your luck there bud..

    No worries OP, just watch for those who try to make themselves feel better about their miserable existence.
  16. Hansel is best, can keep atk builds and hybrids twice your size pinned and zeroed all day, and hansel makes tons of gold.
  17. There's no best build they all have there pros an con's according to ones playing style, most Hansel's now adays are alts of attack builds an vice versa
  18. I like my build tbh. Every build serves a purpose, and everyone has an opinion of what build is the best. What you need to do is find out which build you like the most and run with it.

    With SB rewards messing around with what you want to be is easier than ever, but is still costly. Just remember that every build has a certain weakness and strength. And as someone said above, if you want to be truly difficult to deal with towers are a must. But wait until Abby Lands or New Lands to put those up.

    Good luck OP, and happy KaWing
  19. Hansel's pay great gold especially the BC ones its like a free hte easy to no pots needed.