Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Results

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  1. Thank you to all of you wonderful players who helped to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey! We will be distributing your achievements soon!

    If any of you wish to continue making contributions, here is a list of organizations you can donate to (Red Cross, and others)!

    Way to go!
  2. Wonder how much you made off nobility  seriously though good job.
  3. This is America and God bless you all!! 
  4. This is great. Thank you all for your donations.
  5. Impressive work guys. This is what it's all about at the end of the day.
  6. That's amazing! Well done everyone! :)
  7. Yes, impressive folks. Great work
  8. I just hope that more than 10% of what you are about to give them gets to the victims. The Red Cross eats up a lot of every dollar given them. A better charity would have been the Salvation Army.
  9. ATA should double the donation
  10. I wonder what nob (and equivalent in other games) revenue was over the same period? Thinking it probably dwarfs that total.
  11. Where are the devs when countries like australia spain england face problems such as this.
  12. This is awesome and thank you to all that helped by pitching in.
  13. ata should match the amount we earn
  14. Thank you all that helped.
  15. Send proof that you sent it to the charity
  16. Dont donate to red cross. They are under federal investigation for stealing donated money
  17. Spain doesnt really have hurricanes, and they have done similar "events" for other disasters.
  18. Great job everyone
  19. ATA thanks for providing the community a way to make a positive contribution towards disaster relief.

    For those frutrated with the lack of legal accountability that charities and foundations enjoy, you could try contacting your legislators to get the laws changed.