HTEs Should Last Longer

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  1. I agree. We are paying for these ebs. They shouldn't be so easy to bring down. Double the bars
  2. They are a business. Decisions are typically determined by numbers.

    And why would this effect them morally? You know exactly what you are buying.
  3. Was a sarcastic comment btw
  4. Get a better job than your crap poverty slave job if you think seals are overpriced.
  5. I don't think they should last longer, my alt is in a tiny clan and when it does drop we can barely pass it. Rather it stay the same and a new one come out for a higher tier EB that costs more and is harder. Which in turn, rewards more.

    But doesn't matter anyways to me since I haven't spent a dime in this game this year. Someone donate to me! :,(
  7. I would suggest add 2 more bar in HTE and increase sod price to $10, dev will consider if there is any possibilities for extra income lol
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    Quadruple the Bars on both Phases
  9. Exactly. I am considered a quite a heavy spender as well. You see me there on event LB pretty often. I spend a lot more than most people on this game, and I still think HTEs are overpriced. It is getting bad.
  10. All these people crying about hte and i'm sitting here enjoying b2b haunting for life
  11. Support.
  12. :roll:
    Again. Even with xtals closed, HTE is severely underpowered with the release of the abyss buildings.

    A BC takes about 30k off on an unload. 20 of them unloading is enough to kill HTE in a few minutes.
  13. It was an idea to slow things down, not fix the issue entirely forever.

    Oh, and not everyone is BC. I understand your point, however if bigger epic battles can support BC players better, then they can do them. For free.
  14. The whole point of HTE is to support the bracket with the most players.

    For a small fee, players in these brackets can grow extremely fast. This not only takes advantage of players in this bracket, but helps close the gap between big and small players.

    It's not intended to be the "best eb ever" for everyone.
  15. When HTE was released, devs said it was temporary. All evidence of this is erased from forum history.
    HTE is the ground zero for the decline in KaWs golden shower
  16. HTE came out 2 years ago. It is questionable if it supports the bracket with the most players anymore. The average size of accounts increased dramatically since its release.
  17. That precisely sums up why HTEs should NOT be made to last longer.

    The fundamental basis on which the pricing of seal/nobs is fixed is based on the amount of gold that is generated. A HTE by all BC builds pre-HFL was around 350 bill max. These days with a few BC builds rake in 750-900 bills per eb. For the same 6$, your gold intake has raised close to 2.5x. If you are skimming the eb, you make much more gold.

    The point is, if you add more bars or make HTE last longer your eb payout is bigger and thereby making the existing gap vast between a HTE'er and a non-HTE'er. This only make the newbs run away from the game that much faster.

    Pre-HTE, 8 in 10 clans in clan lb 500-600 were alive and were running successful ebs. Today, 7 in 10 clans below clan lb 300 are dead.

    You have the lowest newb retention ever this past year. Any game needs new players to survive as old ones keep moving out. By asking for more gold for $, you are making it more $ driven and effectively hastening the end.
  18. lb size increased way more than the rest though, it still supports everyone who can hit it... If 20 lbs kill it, dont have 20 lbs in one clan hitting duh..