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  1. Let the butt hurt flow
  2. Dont threaten the hte clans...devs will lock this lol
  3. Support, hte is the squid eb?
  4. Did you know that hte still drops feathers and psion? My golden crux hive spits out a SoD every week too.
  5. I also dont understand why no-one has called osw on a hte clan, or at least the admins in one....
  6. That would damage community relations more then it already is
  7. Why? It would be like a peasant revolt!
  8. Be careful, HTE clans have big connections
  9. :lol:
  10. Support
  11. I might be wrong but i imagine that hte clans would fall over instantly in an osw so long as there were big enough people to hit them.
  12. I meant the big, exclusive HTE clans.
  13. HTE is for noobs, origins is where it's at
  14. X butthurt by 10 by making hte give you 99999999999 Cs per hit
  15. I am a merc looking for hte :D .
  16. Locked upon OP request
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.