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  1. Devs should make an event that only drops items from HTE and ROWB

    Reasoning for this event would b just to listen to everyone cry. I can c the noob rage on forums now and it looks beautiful
  2. /lock for stupidity
  3. Made into steaks for yummy
  4. And really it should b locked for lack of effort if anything. Just havent made a thread in years(it was effortless too) so i made one
  5. Double the butthurt by having the HTE drop legacy items, such as the reset bonus items (discontinued long ago) or the 2012 championship ring
  6. It beats the stereotypical one-line lack of effort thread.
  7. This
  8. No but if they continue to make seasons drop 1 item they could make these items the resets
  9. Triple the butthurt by making seals cost more
  10. We need to get all the HTE clans on this thread right now and blow it up with support.
  11. Quadruple the butthurt by only supporting HTE and not ROTWB
  12. Or make event that needs 4 parts....only let last part drop from hte n rest from reg ebs. Piss off every fairy in kaw

  13. And cut the xstal limit in half.
  14. Make it you need 4 seals to open up the hte to
  15. Quintuple the back door pain and have HTE grant edge and mith
  16. Or they have an event that only allows us to farm b2b hte clans
  17. Support.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.