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  1. Alright, people use money on Seals for HTE, and all they get is KaW Cash. Seen lots of threads complaining about HTE. But if there was an amazing drop from HTE, it would probablyblower the hatred on HTE.

    HTE could start dropping Mith. Also, increase its Inferno and Aqua drops. This would not only lower the Hatred towards HTE, but increase the sales for HTE. In a sense it is a win, win. For both the Devs and the players.
  2. This word cause more hate!
  3. No it would be horrible if mith dropped from hte
  4. People war hard to get mith
  5. No. The hate is towards the eb fairies that do nonstop HTE. Hit BL from time to time. Bring back BL Wednesdays
  6. Op does mostly hte-_- he just wants advantages the greed is obvious.
  7. I agree calydon
  8. This would make warring less than useless.
    Also, increased aq/inf? 7-12 is what I call a lot of aqua/inferno since like before hte/T8+ of ebswas released the best you could get was 3 aqua or inferno from fod. Yet you want more?

    And the hatred towards hte is usually cus of the people doing it, or just because its making kaw more pay to win than ever before.
    I think hte should be less buffed. Its ruining kaw.

    /endrant, jav out
  9. Lol. God Bless you, OP.
  10. This idea is 
  11. Horrible idea, horrrrrrr *breaths* rrrrrrrrrrrible idea!
  12. @op
    I think u are mentally challenged but it's okay we will forgive u if say mith doesnt drop from hte
  13. ^Mith doesn't drop from HTE. And your comment was difficult to read. U is not in the English Dictionary I'm afraid
  14. Stop trynna be a badass ^
  15. On a list of bad idea's this idea would still stand out as a bad idea.

    HTE is already the best paying eb by a large an enormous margin and it drops elements. Many players feel it should go away for this alone because of the gap between b2b HTE players and the rest. I cant imagine the out cry if your idea was implemented.

    Additionally, its a bad idea because then all that anyone would do is HTE. No more ee at all.
  16. Support! id love to see hte drop 10 mith per hte! btw B2B hte at ROR…1 seal = 5 day pass ;)
  17. Lol "war hard" you mean ee fairies? The only war that can be considered hard is osw
  18. No support.

    This will

    A. Make haters hate more (Awesome but can be dangerous)
    B. Look at option A.

    HTE is overpowered enough by gold.
  19. @kronos
    No **** hte doesnt drop mith im saying dont bring that idea up
  20. Support for increase drops for aqua and inferno
    No support for mithril dropping people word hard for mith and people simply paying for mith is not going to be good