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  1. Here's a crazy idea, bump HTE br bonus to 23% and give us LOTL/GOTH bonus, I'd suggest 17/19% respectively.
  2. You are indeed crazy
  3. Or 15 & 17 L/G, and 19 for HTE
  4. No, if anything keep hte at 15% & make goth/Lotl 15% to match
  5. While they’re at it either remove all the 5% and 7% br’s or always give us the option for something better
  6. 5% & 7% BR's are a waste of time!! I think all BR's should be 9% and up no matter which BR it is!! And BR's should go higher than 15%!!
  7. I remember when it wasn’t this easy to grow, when there was no plunder bonus. You already have crux and EE, stop complaining.
  8. U are talking of a time long ago now. Back when hiring an ally did not cap at giving the ally 1m gold it kept scaling
  9. The time you are talking about when ally gold making wasn’t capped was 7 odd years ago. EE and Cruxes haven’t been out nearly that long.
  10. I want a 6969% warbeast crux chest for 69 nobilitys with a 69% chance of getting 69% more gold and a .69% increase on horn of calydor drops.