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  1. Again I felt the need to make a thread about the spamming issue that's been going on between these two apps.

    As you could probably tell I am from hsh and this time, It was your players who started the spamming. I can tell you that I am almost positive that the only hsh people spamming are the hsh'ers that don't actually play the game. Sure they have an account but they rarely use it. When they do, it's to PMS all over the forums. They crave attention. It's hard to do but you must ignore them to get the spamming to stop. If you were to spam another app, would you enjoy yourself even though no one is commenting? I know I wouldn't. If you must comment on a spammer's thread, stay neutral. Don't blow up. Your irritation with them will show and that'll make the spammers happy.

    Some of you are saying to me that kaw doesn't care. Go to hsh's forums and then come back to tell me that you don't care. There are many threads and many newb accounts. What's the point in spamming anyways? All it does is cause hate and war. That can be fun but this is overdone. Too much.

    Don't blame pimd to be spamming you too right now because they're not. It's probably hsh players framing them. Report a spammer if you'd like. If we're lucky, their UDID code will be completely banned from this game.

    Also, if you know someone who is spamming hsh, stop them. I'm trying to stop hsh'ers from spamming KAW. Notice how you think you've won the spam war but really all you've done is aggrevated people and caused them to spam right back. It's all pointless. No one can win a spam war.

    Lastly for those saying one app is better than the other... KAW is just as good as HSH. No app is better. Please keep your opinions to yourself. Have fun with your game. Hopefully I won't need to be back.
  2. I wish I could farm you.....
  3. I'm all for stopping the spam, however we can post I'n OUR forums our opinions about the games. Were allowed to do that, however everyone needs to shut up and let this die
  4. Stfu darth, atleast she isn't being a noob
  5. I'd love if nobody commented on my spam...
  6. I agree with koo and soldier
  7. You're right it would be fine to share your opinion on your app.
  8. How about you shut the **** up soldierlion. If I feel like I wanna farm somebody I'm gonna do it.

    This is KaW. We don't have a dating tab. I'm tired of this hsh noob crap in our forums. I should pop you a couple of times. I'm in of those moods....
  9. Farming her wouldn't help the situation at all. Only a real diplomatic way would help. She tried to do just that, but you didn't do anything to help
  10. Relax bro.
  11. No no no your stupid buddies accused of spamming when it's one guy doing it to all PIMD has nothing to do with this. This should not be stickied if people are not active on it. Tell your people to get off our game. You guys started this once again. No "respected" KaW player would care enough to spam your threads.
  12. Yeah, seriously..
  13. Wooo go high school hero
  14. Yeah try 2 calm down
  15. I know. I said that it was all the noobs. I also explained how to handle them.
  16. What's the big deal with spam? I mean if u want a message out u put it out!

    As for farming who give a crap Kingdoms at war is a WAR game! If u don't like it don't pay any attention to it...

  17. The APP store begs to differ on the better game..
  18. Guys!

    Just calm yo tits!
  19. And i request that "tits" and "tit" be filtered.