How to watch troop loss in KA and its implications

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  1. Troop loss is a very crucial part of any war especially KA (Kingdom and allies). Most people don’t watch their TL or don’t know how it works. Understanding how this works will make you 10x better at EE than you are.

    How to watch Troop Loss
    Go to your profile and note the number of troops you have. For example, I have 118,975 After you hit someone, watch the message carefully and take down the value next to “soldiers lost”. Lets say it comes out to be 9500, this means my troop loss for that hit is 9500/118,975 = 8%. This seems like a lot of math but as you do EE you’ll remember these values. What I do is, take down the values that would give me 6/7/8/9/10% troop loss and learn them. The calculation doesn’t have to be precise, you can just round it off and report your troop loss % in cc. Make sure you report % figure only since everyone has different no. Of troops, the absolute figure will be meaningless

    Alternate way to avoid the Math
    A lot of people keep their number of troops at 100k to avoid the calculation. You can do this by removing troop buildings from first 4 sets of lands and replacing them with spy buildings. In case you have less than 100k troops, then do the vice a versa. I use a Tank build in lowland so I’m unable to do that

    Implications of troop loss
    Troop loss reports in cc are very important and help out your wc a lot to gauge the % of skim target and how many dives or assn the target needs to be eaten or to set up dive calls. I find it very annoying when I ask someone to ‘test’ a target and they come up with “1/1 or 0/1 narrow” which is too vague. A narrow hit could be anything from a 10% loss to a 6% loss. In that situation, your wc is expecting a % troop loss figure so they can decide whether the target is in edible range or not
    Another situation where troop loss is extremely important is if a target auto xtals your dive and uses a xtal in window, a lot of people go 3-4 hits before realising that the target xtalled and end up lowering themselves from 100 to 70 for no reason. If you have an eye on TL, you’ll know after 1 hit that your target is on xtal or if they xtal when you dive them, you can stop at 60-70% rather than failing a full bar attack
    Troop loss also greatly helps you in understanding who you can eat and till what %. Once you’re aware of all that, you can make a decision on how to best use your troop bar i.e making decisions like how hard you should eat someone depending on if there are other people on the opponent team who you could eat for much lower TL or not. Use your troop bar wisely, this ain’t indi where your charms will carry you

    % chance % TL
    80-90 4.8%
    70-80 5.7%
    60-70 6.65%
    54-64 7%
    44-54 7.7%
    33-43 8.6%
    20-30 9.6%
    This means you have a 80-90% chance of winning the attack if your troop loss is 4.8%. 4% is minimum loss which has a 99% chance of winning. You get a message “your overwhelming might crushed your enemy” when your troop loss is between 4-5.8%. Similarly you’ll get “your army was crushed” when your TL is close to 11% which has a 1% chance of winning
    I Hope I start seeing more people reporting this instead of the meaningless “1/1 or 0/1”
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  2. On android, its even easier by just noting what your tl is before you attk. If im at 88% before my skim att, just report the loss in cc. For example, 88% before an att, 80% after would be reported as 1/1 or 0/1 with a 8% tl.
  3. Very informative for people interested in ee wars.