How to War Command

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  1. Yes this is a thread on how to War Command (WC)

    What it takes to be a War Commander

    1. ***Someone experienced in all types of builds and how to war them. ***

    2. Knows the basics of war

    3. Takes the time to give brief with targets and lead during the war.

    Pre Brief

    1. Look at both you and your opponent’s roster.

    2. Determine strengths and weaknesses on both sides

    3. Just because someone looks like they have a decent war build doesn’t make them good at war (a strength)

    4. Wars are won by plunder, make sure your leaks on your side don’t leak plunder aund make sure you take advantage of opponent leaks and get plunder when you can.

    5. Determine who is the greatest threat(s) on opponents roster.


    1. Assign your strengths to skim targets to allow them to stay up during war, you want your most experienced warriors up all war making plunder and drawing fails.

    2. Assign all leaks to dump troops first until zero troops. You usually want to do this on opponents biggest threat to weaken them. The biggest thing is you DO NOT want them to bleed plunder to your opponent so they need to go zero troops fast and stay that way all war.

    3. Exploit the opponents weaknesses. If opponent has ps1 or weak hybrid, plunder till they are dtw. It’s important to plunder when you have the opportunity but don’t ever fail attacks. If they had a tank with little to no spy defense towers then assassin them and knock them out, assassin is the fastest way to knock someone out.

    4. Take our the big pure spies. Make sure to take out the opponents biggest spy threat so your tanks can stay up. Have players with weakest spy attack assassin/scout to do this. They will fail either way so at least put it to use.
    5. Have your heavy spy atk assassin their biggest threat if possible. If not, take advantage of the weak spy defense builds and skim.

    War Start

    1. Have players check into clan chat once they have carried out their initial actions. A WC needs to know if initial targets were successful so they can adjust if needed. Have players report their % so WC knows what that players status is.

    2. Never be scared after initial update on plunder score. If they have more plunder but you have control with more ups and higher % tanks, you are looking great.

    3. Have tanks skim the easiest target to make plunder. Never force a skim you will constantly fail attack’s on.

    4. Constantly sit repins. Focus on repins who are highest on war roster and/or who are slower to sko.

    5. See if their are any inactives on the opponents side and try to atk ko all war. Atk kos make the most plunder so don’t ever get atk koed if possible.

    6. Many wars are patiently won so don’t panic. While you don’t want to leak plunder you want to draw as many fails as possible and report to WC. As a WC there is nothing more frustrating than seeing an update and someone made 100b out of no where because no one said anything.

    7. Crystals

    Crystals get their own category

    1. Have most experienced players crystal as they please. They may find an opportunity to plunder or counter before WC can make the call.

    2. ALWAYS counter opponents crystal. Quicker you burn their crystal the quicker they are out for rest of the war. Have biggest spy build ready for their biggest threat to crystal to counter. As a warrior there is nothing more frustrating than having your crystal burnt.

    3. Catch all leaky builds on opponents crystal. Never pass up a chance to crystal to plunder the opponents leaks.

    4. Have tanks crystal up when they are low, better for enemy to think they are low and atk and fail then to get knocked out on next repin.

    5. When all else fails call mass crystal towards the end of the war. Before this happens make sure everyone has an idea on who to hit. Either someone to plunder or focusing on knocking out top war roster.

    When not to War Command

    1. You have a pure spy with allies showing
    2. No experienced warriors on your side
    3. Spy / Leak Heavy against experienced opponent.
    4. Anytime past 12am

    Most of these wars are random but a War Commander is nothing without his team.
  2. It makes me happy seeing new forumers post, good thread.

  3. This is great. Excellent job friend.
  4. Good thread :)
  5. Good thread.

  7. now every war each team should have several peeps that can step up to wc. great work
  8. Good thread shibs 
    Do one for LL wars next
  9. Support. If u add u got to be NPK side kick. To be the best u got to learn from the best.
  10. Nice thread.

    Very little I disagree with here.

    One thing missing is how to decide whether to dive or tank, or in some cases a partial dive leaving some to tank. This has a lot to do with looking at the towers on both sides, and how many spies each side has.

    You need to ask the our sdt strong enough to tank it or we just going to be assed down? Are there enough leaky targets on the other side to plunder well on open? How likely is it the other side will dive or tank? Can we expect enough opportunities if we leave ppl high or will they just be sitting full all war looking for plunder?

    You need to think not just about what your roster looks like, but also the oppo roster and they way they are likely to play it.
  11. Golthor

    I complete agree with you. I tried to stay away from tips on how to War but to me this goes along with warriors knowing their build and knowing how to War it.

    For instance:

    If I told you and someone with less experience to plunder till 50% troops im sure you would be able to find a target you can succeed on each atk where the less experienced warrior will fail most atks and end up zero troops.

    It’s one thing for a War Commander to know the strategy and determine what the opponent might do but it’s another for the warrior to know how to War their builds. However, each War Commander should assign appropriate targets based on your build and what you can succeed.
  12. Yes I used to be doyoulikefishsticks :)
  13. I just might, there need to be more clans signing up for LL wars.
  14. My points in my original reply weren’t meant for individual warriors, but as considerations for the wc as to run the war.

    Anyone that has warred with me knows that I don’t like to micromanage actions, i tend to give broad instructions...good Warriors will understand how to adjust based on what the other side does.

    But I found what was missing from ur op was planning the strat not just around what u have but what ur facing and anticipating the best response