How to upload photo to photobucket

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  1. This is a great guide, but wouldn't it be better to have dillybar's bbcode guide stickied instead? He included all the bbcodes availible including the contents of this guide.
  2. Um how do u make it smaller then 600 pixels or wat ever
  3. Go to settings in the app and there's an option that's 240x240 as maximum size.
  4. :O dont forget that the image has to be in the range of 600 by 600 pixels to be posted on forums
  5. "image size"


    Then change it to 320x320

  6. Is it fine if i just make a new thread and u merge that? I dont feel like browsing through hundreds of pages
  7. Nice guide majesty!
  8. Very nice majesty. Its all so well explained
  9. Okay my photobucket dosent let me change the pic size
  10. Maybe its because i only have the 2.2.1 version?
  11. Probably.
  12. What the hell. Idk how to get an upgrades version. Should i just reinstall photobucket?
  13. Don't you have an updates tab on the app store?
  14. I do but it isint in the update tab.
  15. That's weird. Is your iOS lower than 4.0? I know that I had to update my iPod to get it.
  16. Yeah mines lower than a 4.0 because it takes about two hours to back up my ipod then another two to update my ipod and it just takes forever so o said forget this and havent othered to update it lately
  17. It works finally
  18. Sorry I forgot to include the resize photo. done it during work hour. Will post an update on first post.