How to Make a Successful Thread

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  1. Good job 
  2. Doesn't deserve a sticky
  3. it was hard to read the blue.
  4. but nice thread, I actually read it all. :lol:
  5. Nice thread. Will certainly help people.
  6. @GrizZz it might not in your eyes but the developers believe it does. That is the reason that it's stickied. I took time to write this. I doubt you take time to do anything on forums. Please either say something constructive so thatI can edit it, keep your thoughts to yourself, or leave my thread. Thank you
  7. Bump so i can look like a noob :D
  8. Yum this is old but still amazing
  10. How did u do the neon rainbow color? Please wall me. And how do u make certain word bigger?
  11. These needs a bump into active topics so moose and acetown and the rest of us for thar matter doesn't have to read half ass written post ment for world chat.
  12. Awesome job billy
  13. Nice thread  helped me
  14. YOUR THE MAN BILLY!!!!!!
  15. Bump. I think KaW needs to read this.
  16. This is just annoying! I'm sorry and I ain't trolling but it's useless really. It's like a lesson on something that we don't need teaching. Well done on putting it together but it's not really much use to anyone. It's pretty much just one guy saying 'look at me I can make a thread'. Erm, OK then, congratulations.
  17. It would be useful to people that make low-effort threads if they decided to give it a look ;)