How To Ferm

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  1. If u gonna ferm plz use protection. STD's are no joke 
  2. Support ferming and unicorn rp
  3. Hmm I think me and Omar just fermed since our posts are touching 
  4. Next we must rp
  5. BUMP - for the sake of ferming
  6. Thats right everyones too scared idiots
  8. ️ one ferm plz
  9. Support ferms
  10. Just hit people with dumb names like. " YA_wHiTeGh0sT_FI " it's a lot of fun. :lol:
  11. Keepin' it alive man. 
  13. Lol kinda pointless nowadays pretty sure everyone knows how to farm people and besides like someone said "FARMING" is a myth which started from old kaw. Also try and hit big osw clans like Apoc and Yafi see what you'd get lmao.

    Edit: It's FARMING not FERMING

  14. Bumped for noobs
  15. This post right here. Too good
  16. I'm being fermed 
  17. If this is supposed to be funny;

    You failed
  18. Anywun noe ware too plant tuh corn?? Eye tryd ferming..