How to be Respected in Forums

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  1. here we see an example of my point
  2. Exactly  I'm glad someone understands.
  3. Iger and mm are still here thats good
  4. Why wouldn't they be? 
  5. one time iakbar posted a thread titled "my activity is like a sine wave"

    that. i quit kaw a lot :?
  6. Lol haven't we all. My 5 year anniversary of all accounts is coming up 0.0
  7. I have tried all the steps in this thread, and I have still not felt respected like I should be.

    I want my money back op 
  8.  It takes time. How you find so much time, though, I do not know.
  9. Op you suck so much ******* ass
  10. I actually thought this would be horrible but it was actually pretty good. Plus sometime the obvious needs to be stated. Very well done
  11. Thank for your support, Youcantguess.
  12. CF granted backdoor guy.
    Enjoy your kaw.
  13. I didn't ask for a cf ... Please leave my thread. :)
  14. Nubs I swear lol...
  15. New post is up, titled:Global Issue Center in the Off Topic section. Check it out!
  16. Needs more work
    No support
  17. But I support you reach  why not share the love?