How "Sons of Sparta." killed the clan they were "helping"

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  1. So .... When is ur clan gonna start hitting sos ? I've pinned you twice.
  2. My war with you is personal, my clan is welcome to hit you if they want but they can fairy if they want to
  3. From what im seeing, your also being a fairy.
  4. Im being a fairy because we are running unlocks, all part of growing a clan
  5. Trolled ;)
  6. Support
  7. They should be called: chicks of sparta
  8. Doesn't look like anyone was trying to blackmail anyone. Just seemed that they didn't want there to be confusion on whether the clans were associated with each other. Offering to purchase a new clan, unlock to hte and turn clan over was a fair and reasonable deal.
  9. Same
  10. u should be called i_aint_no_devil
  11. I don't think SOS is to blame. You guys should've just let them buy you a new clan lol or not make a clan. Kaw has plenty I'm sure there is room for you to find one. Good job SOS taking a clan off of kaw we have too many dying ones anyway

  12. Where do I sign up?
  13. Leaving them alone instead of expecting unoriginal names involving "rogue" to not exist would have been reasonable
  14. Well that seems a whole lot better then what happened to them. "Hey guys, we are going to help you fight for your clan. Oh by the way, without warning we are going to just start kicking your members and take the clan you were fighting for away for you..."
  15. Nice to see dkod keeping it classy :lol:
  16. He was a lollygagger for real. But most accurate thought out responce to this thread yet!
  17. Well the whole thing started because of a clan name. A noob clan that didn't realise The word Rogue was restricted.
  18. The question is if We Are Rogue will war Warriors of the Ancient Realm
  19. How is the name rogue restricted ?
  20. Prob a finebros reference