How not to be a noob.

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  1. This is a guide on how not to be a noob everybody loves to hate, so if a fresh new player joins your clan, get them to read this, hopefully they may learn something...or not, depending on how well the guide turns out.


    So, you've just downloaded KaW, finished the little tutorial and want to know what to do next...Join a clan, that's what's next, one that'll help you learn most aspects of KaW, I'd suggest the following.

    • Rift in Reality
    Judging by their thread they seem like a great learning clan, I'd try joining this one first.
    • Heavy Metal
    It's my clan, so I'll shamelessly plug it if I want too...we're okay though, not the best, but we'll help.
    • Current Clan
    If you're already in a clan and they've asked you to read this thread, good on them, if they're helping you learn the game stick with that clan.

    Now upon joining a clan it's always good to get to know your fellow members, so use clan chat to say hi and join in on whatever conversation is happening, do not try sell your allies in clan chat, or ask for a volley, a volley is being hired back and forth by 2 or more players, making you gold to get you started, your clan mates should help with a volley without you asking, if they don't this is the only time you can post ''I'm new volley me'' on world chat without looking like a greedy noob.


    There's many different builds in KaW, Attacks builds, Hansels, hybrids etc...but I wouldn't worry about that now, most say buy 9 lands and build forges, but I'd say just experiment with different buildings, see what suits you, and also read the various guides in the forums for different ideas on what to build.


    Farming is an unwritten rule in some of the KaW community, it's basically not hitting someone more than 5 times in 24 hours...but this is a war game! Now I wouldn't suggest farming anyone and everyone, it'll ruin your KaW experience, but if someone farms you, don't complain about it, hit back! Get some war experience under your belt.


    The battle list is a list of players around your stat size and currently online, they are there for you to attack if you want to, it's a good way to get valuable war experience, but your victim may complain to your clan owner that you farmed them, and that can result in you being kicked.


    Epic battles are PvE quests that your whole clan can participate in, these are your main source of income, you would preferably want a clan doing the forgotten ones or lower.


    Allies are one of the most important aspect of KaW, you need them to grow, don't worry about what stats they have, you want to reach max plunder, so when you hit the epic battle you make as much gold as you can, ask your clan mates on how much gold you should have in allies.


    Not many clans system war anymore, but if you happen to find yourself in one you could gain some great experience, system wars are 2 clans fighting each other for a set time, the winner being based on who has the most plunder, and being rewarded with mithril.


    Otherwise known as pots, these are one time use items that can increase your attack or help defend you from attacks, also pots are used in most epic battles, so before it starts ask your clan mates if pots are used.


    The forums are full of information, guides, war news, lurkers, noobs, trolls and a lot more, you can learn a lot from the forums, now to avoid being a noob, don't make threads about the following.

    • Volley me/buy my allies
    • I'm new...and nothing else
    • Word chat clan ads, they should stay on world chat

    Asking questions is fine, but try and find the answer by searching the forums first, you'll most likely find the answer without spamming forums, and most likely getting trolled.

    If you have an idea for a thread make sure your spelling and grammar is good, explain your idea in detail, don't just post something like ''It'd be gud if we cud giv gold to each other'' it'll get trolled and I'll be lurking and laughing at you.


    Moderators or mods as they are more commonly known, are like the KaW police, you spam world chat with 3 or more of the same post in 5 get silenced, you think you're cool slipping no no words through the filter...silenced! Being silenced is not being able to talk on clan chat, personal message or walls for 24 hours, read the terms of use on how to avoid being silenced.

    And that's my guide, I would make it look all pretty and colourful...but BB codes aren't my strong point and there's probably a few things I've missed (Off system wars, spells etc) so I may make another guide in the near future.

    I hope you've enjoyed reading...if you even read it all! Peace 
  2. 1st step buy a turtle.
  3. Yeah turtles always help lol
  4. Nice :)

    Under forums : all questions should be put on question thread not individual threads, makes life easier.
  5. Ah yeah forgot to explain forum sections, I'm on iPod can't edit :/
  6. A note on the battle list. While I strongly encourage new players to make use of this feature I don't suggest just wildly hitting away at randoms till you are out of troops. Hit someone 2-3 times. Then wait. See if they respond. Post on your clan chat what you have done and what you learned of the game from it. Ask for advice from your clan mates on what just happened and try to learn the game mechanics. Once your troops have regenerated hit a few again trying different tactics such as pots or combinations of scouts then steals etc... Lather rinse and repeat
  7. Nice addition Mookie  thanks bro!
  8. Also... Noobs should refrain from walling other players with "volley me, hire me, hire my allies"
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    Very good point! I'll try and edit next one I'm on a comp.
  10. This is a great thread!!!
  11. Actually the most important thing in not being a noob is to not make long-winded guides where you act like you are somehow smarter than noobs and offer unsolicited advice on how not to be noobs. Lol
  12. ... You tell people not to advertise clan in forums but yet you do it yourself lol...

    But anyway there are better guides for building out there than this one for example warriors guide to build complete just whenever she/he talks about pwars it actually means ebs
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    I've made a clan thread, yeah some have been a bit of a fail, but I haven't made a thread with just a clan ad in it.
  14. Lol another noob complaining about noobs.
  15. It's to long NURTLE so I didn't read it it was good
  16. No bro lol that's not what I meant I meant that you said "join heavymetal" or whatever earlier in this thread... Making a clan thread in the clan section is ok.

    Ik what your meaning to say though lol.
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    And under where i said ''Heavy Metal'' I mention that I'm shamelessly plugging my clan lol i'll admit I'm a noob, it even says so in Heavy Metals clan thread.
  19. guide of the noob, by the noob, for the noob
  20. You can stick this guide up your you know what.