how many soldiers do you use in a real war

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  1. Can someone Tell me how many soldiers do you use in a real war
  2. What do you mean? Please make your question more clear....
    Do you mean troops? Members in a clan?
  3. What do you mean?
  4. Use to attack someone
  5. All of them
  6. To attack someone each regen
  7. Depends on who's being attacked. For me, usually anywhere from 1400-2600 troops.
  8. All of dems
  9. Yeah but if u use all of them then u can get attacked real easy
  10. About 1,000,000 for a medium scale war like in Afghanistan. But world wars? PFFT About 10~15 million.
  11. No you won't. If you use all your troops, you'd be dtw.
  12. ^no, just no
    In Iraq, ~10k terrorists died
    ~4k US soldiers died
  13. @LordEmerald he asked how much you use, not lose.
  14. All of them. They regain fully each hour, so all o them each hour.
  15. Op, are you serious? It depends completely on intel you have; wars are won with brains more than they are with brute force (although it obviously helps a considerable amount to have both).
  16. "AllThough it matters who's got a bigger stick it matters a hell of a lot more who's swinging it." general Shepard mmw2
  17. U use all but a small portion get killed- u must suck if every person u sent died...