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  1. I’ll get off my soapbox tho i dont wanna get banned in forums again for “trolling” i enjoy seeing how long it takes for the next person to post on forums
  2. It does take a long time :/
  3. A Thinking ape invest all their time on A Bathing Ape
  4. Koh ads are everywhere. Its good to see our devs are spending our xstal money wisely.

    Did they knock off coc?
  5. You can't say the developers are non-existent. They are constantly providing us with events that help keep us entertained, working towards our next goal and making a few friends is in my opinion, a very fun experience. To sum this all up it's a game. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some may hate and others will love. People come and go. Thats just part of it. (^:
  6. I noticed that from when I joined it was fairly active but now coming back it feels a lot like GAW right before it got shut down.
  7. Kingdoms at Event/Eb..
    Useless Dev bunch
  8. Theres hope, there's a way to change it!
  9. The constant loop of events is not entertaining.
  10. I mean this game wasn’t built on reaching “goals” and the constant chain of events they produce is just reskinned older events. The chests are similar, the wording they use is similar it’s all just reskinned to keep people chasing that next shiny item and keep people spending money when in reality unless you drop in the tens of thousands you’ll never make a dent in the bigger players.
  11. Hlneo leave kaw?
  12. No
  13. We need more LB players quit KAW and drops allies. They will be back to LB again
  14. Bring back Ruby
    KAW was fun in those days 
  16. How many more need to leave?
  17. Yes
  18. Unless all recognize this is a war game and not an eb or furnishing your 3 rooms game and all the spenders stop spending.. the useless devs would not bother about anyone here. Disappointing.
  19. KOH is a dead game already lol you killed your community. No future if your
    Community hates you 
  20. ....seriously KOH sucks, classic KAW please