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  1. I think it’s evident in the equipment types they roll out that this game has lasted a lot longer than the devs planned. I mean, look at the progression of it... indestructible Holy Armor forged by the Gods ( 10 mil stats), to a simple tunic or garbage bag ( 1 bil stats). They’ve stolen everything they possibly could from better games (cough... Skyrim cough). The cycle just keeps repeating. They are out of ideas.
  2. Anyone that would support ATA and the devs should read the definition of Stockholm Syndrome very closely. It just might pertain to you.
  3. You might want to buy a new dictionary, as yours isn't correct. Nobody here is captive.
  4. This game have plenty of of room for improvement. Devs could add another private chats like ally chat for close friends which you can invite friends. This can be used by alliances clan ti be able in 1 chat even in different clans. This cost money so we need ti help devs retain new players who might be the next big spender to be LB player. Devs also can add clan quest. Clan members can do some quest like donating gold or some type of elements which you can get from packs you buy and drops on EB. Every clan member who buy packs should get bonus reward to clan members they can use for clan quest to improve attacks, defense, spy attacks and spy defense. We all know this game getting less and less players. We are passionate about this game because of friends. Instead of complaining we should find a way to help this game. Please very important not to post bad review on google store and Apple Store. Everyone should post how we been on this game for a long time and we still enjoy the game.
  5. Just downloaded the app again to see if it was still around, which I'm surprised to find. Do yourselves a favor and quit KaW and delete the app. You will find yourselves to be much happier for it. This game is a total waste of your time. Go do something productive like spend time with your family. You won't regret it I promise.
  6. Musang the dev cheerleader. Still in kaw because of all your friends who left kaw? Twicc gone, Muaha gone, IDD dead, NA just you and the German’s alts.

    Your only friends remaining in kaw are kip and you have abandoned them also. So spare us the lecture on what makes kaw great.

    Kaw will get a good review when Devs earn it. So not at all likely. Until then seek surgery to remove your lips from Devs buttocks.
  7. Kaw is dead guys. Is time for us all to move on. No effort from devs says it all if you think different keep throwing your $$$ at it.

    Only way to save the game is make it age 18 only kick the kids n make ads spicey :)

    Long live rp
  8. Boobs, farm animals and kinky boots wil keep kaw alive
  9. So what do you think our PIMD Booster packs should include for the upcoming trail of tears?
  10. We want Zinga of the Hovafrost!

  11. Yeah King's Lounge made them disband lol :p
  12. Still butthurt Devs help us destroyed over 137 accounts of -Appleseed-. That's when YAFIANs disappeared in KAW with their originals clans.
  13. Musang is a Roni alt
  14. Post with your main and stay on topic. statless alt commenting just proofs how pathetic your people are. How about y'all stop whining, complaining and trash talking on this post, unless it's towards the devs. :) @adonis devs aren't going to respond hell you have a higher chance beating rising Hawks during there prime than seeing a dev on a players post.
  15. Check page 25.
  16. Just steering back on topic.... what is so tough about adding pots and Mith. Truthfully this can't be a difficult thing to add could it?
  17. Easy. They don’t care

  18. Worse, straight defiance/arrogance ...the silence is a passive/aggressive "FU we have your money now go screw yourselves".

    That's what it feels like anyways.
  19. All those talking about KOH - the bugs there are way worse than in KAW, and by an extreme magnitude - even the war in it is unbalanced due to lazyness on the devs end to optimize correctly for multiple devices.

    ATA seems to want to make games that incentivise spending, and are succesfull in doing so, however managing games
  20. At this point in time asking for a refund might actually make them take notice - a valid reasoning does exicst and apple tends to be willing to refund if given a good reason.

    Them ignoring us, not dealing with bugs etc. is enough of a reason for a refund