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  1. Funny how Bruce only mentioned bugs that were going to be fixed...but nothing about new content
  2. I understand the want for ATA to advertise in order to bring new players to the game, but as Bruce said, it's just not realistic. This game is old, fairly plain at its face, and can look boring or too intricate compared to newer games. But avid and hardcore players know that there is so much more to it. I think that because this game has a small niche player base, we need to step up and promote the game ourselves because ATA can't do it all, nor should they. If we really want the game to survive and thrive with new players, spread the word in a grass roots effort when you can and really welcome new players! Some people may underestimate what a "welcome to KaW" post can do, but it really helps players stick around.

    If you want more players for wars, recruit them in real life. I truly believe this game can be filled with players again, as we all know it is very addicting.
  3. That’s just an excuse. Other games like clash of clans have been out for 6+ years and they still market their game with success. It doesn’t matter if the app has been out for 1 year or 12 years. Marketing helps. If there are active players the app can benefit from marketing.

  4. I have no problem welcoming or helping new players, but if you think I'm or anybody else is gonna spend time promoting this game outside the game you're smoking crack. I don't work for ATA & they don't pay me nor they going to pay me. Ild rather let this thing die ...again how the hell everyone here gonna promote it? ..."come play the War Game you can't War on" & "get your gay on with furniture and charms trading?" Besides anyone new spends 5 min. reading forums pretty sure they'll delete app.

    Fix the war system and all the glitches then talk about promoting, trying to promote a defective product?

    You want to do volunteer work for ATA go ahead Yes Man. I used to spend money on this thing. They're supposed to be working for our benefit not the other way around.
  5. If ATA wants players to promote outside the game they need to provide an incentive...

    IE: invite your Facebook contact list for each player who links a new acct the person invited them gets building tokens, seals , something.

    But honestly it'll just get exploited.
  6. Suggestion, bring back the referral scheme? But award a referral once a player is over a certain size too stop abuse, or after a new player has a playing time which is fairly decent...
  7. Says he’s stopped spending on my wall...but his wall is full of HTE passes...somebody lying
  8. Well maybe he bought seals on bf and using them up but not buying new ones?using what you got is not same as spending.
  9. I think one big issue in kaw is. Tap tap has become boring. The premium ebs cost quite a lot of money but ensure people reach goals. Why not also reward activity. I remember at the start of kaw being most active was beneficial. Now you can make 200k actions and be bc if you're focused on premium ebs. I don't think that's sustainable from a players point of View. Money should help no doubt but the players plugging away for years become left behind and the balance has shifted to the money spenders.

    So my theory of less is more. If we reduced the price of such items more would spend.

    Half price seals; circles and xtals. This would help people who have a low income afford to P2P.

    Also 30 regen limit would notice 30 min unloaded rather than 1hr unloads or every few hour unloads.

    Also incentive to war let's face it the rewards do not make it worth playing for the masses. If we could have equipment that grows upto 100 levels when successful in war may make it worthwhile. Ofc you lose it decreases. Then attach Plunder bonus to that. 1% each time either way. While keeping EE bonus too. Yes 100 wars won gives great stat bonus and 100% plunder bonus.

    If you think that winning 100 wars in a row is impossible then you're no doubt right but hey it's something different.

    PvP is pointless event let's face it it's Player Vs Open account. Or maybe sweep BL for less rewards the hard-core PvP is not hard-core it's boring and for 3 days my Alt gets very few inc. This account gets hit a bit more but my troops are delicious.
  10. Why are peeps from WoG such noobs. I remember when it was a cool as hell clan. Anyway I digress. Yes I bought my seals on BF and will not support a game the developers themselves admit will have very few I any updates that we want. There is no point. Still disappointed all we have is the one reply from Bruce.
  11. Bruce is only looking on numbers they need some creativ!
  12. Charms are crap.

  13. When people (like you) quit making idiotic posts (like this) and stop playing.
  14. In the spirit of retaining actual new players I think there are many things that could help (I leave that to the devs), but having legend goals reachable to lower level players could really help. It is currently top 10, 50, and 100. Should add 200, 300, 400, 500 or whatever. Until a players build can get full event items from 1 unload it just a game for fastest hte clans. If it tracked actions and gave awards by actions as a second tier leader board structure that tracks some fimula taking event items and actions to get them into account.

    Most these easy gold updates initials made me mad as I spent a lot of time and money to get hlbc for a two days before the level 4 hl building update haha. But back after on and off years it is still a fun game that I buy into each time.

    I got hooked originally on kaw because of clan organized Pwars and the osw wars that often followed. Community driven even was something new. The players has the ability to create the game to suit the needs of the time. That is what got me hooked.

    Personally I have finally come around to accepting the idea that you need to make the games first priority is new player growth and retention. So keep up the back to back legends and staying relevant to the market. Then tweaks needed to improve how wars work so that these new ppl can experience the thrill of war without having to decided hours to ensuring activity. I would like to see smaller skirmishes for shorter durations. That is my personal thought as I don’t have an hour to stay glued to phone, especially a time not dictated by the spouse. In order to have this we need more viable new player base. So give them anything needed. I am over feeling the pain and money it took to get low land build complete over many months and non repeatable actions.

    Game has grown a lot but needs a visionary to keep it relevant in the market. Sounds like Bruce is on the trail!

    Help the new ones grown fast. Just the right speed to feel proud about it. Then give them a better reason to have those great stats. War in any long as it is not hours at the screen or many new and old will just keep hitting eb and the occasional light pvp.

    Kaw is lucky we have devs that speak there thoughts to us and even read ours comments.
    Only a fair few other games have I had this experience.

    Great to see so may have such passion for this wild and fun community of young rebel fighters and old farts.
  15. First of all all I understood was nightraid and politics may you please try and use proper grammar. Also politics why are you bringing that up on a post about trying to get a response from the dev's, if you can't stay on topic please don't post.

    Now something on topic we don't just need new players we need to get some of the older members to rejoin kaw as well. How about 2free seals every year or every month gain 2circles.
  16. If we're gonna be spot on technical with grammar, then correct punctuation should also be expected.
    You're missing a comma in front of and after, "all I understood was nightraid and politics". You should have both a question mark and coma after, "Also politics". The next sentence is a run on sentence. It should have ended after the word "dev's" and "devs" I'm assuming you meant to be plural not possessive, correct? So there should be a period after devs and the following "if" should be capitalized. The next sentence is also missing a comma. The next sentence after that is also a run on.


    *edited lol
  17. That actually made me lol.

    Bruce again thanks for your previous responses. Are we likely to get anything more from you on this thread or should we close it down?

  18. Dat proppa grammaaaar post made me pee myself slightly.

    I do hope we can move forwood, and devs meet us in the middle.
  19. Yo @Bruce, you're talking all that nonsense about trying to make new players stick around. Meanwhile the pc version of this game is completely neglected. It started with not being able to collect legends, which I didn't care about that much. Now it has completely stopped functioning at all, no way to log in via FB on any browser. This isn't helping to get more players in here.
  20. I love the devs.. they sure know how to squeeze money out of us and how to make this game boring hah