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  1. Yes lowland is extremely crappy right now because of low participation which stemmed from the removal of war equip. Nothing is broken about the current lowland war system other than that it has extremely low participation unless you class its 1hr length as a problem. Everything else is fine.

    Im sure not many invest an hour into any mobile app to gain no reward, regardless of how fun it is. You need rewards lol
  2. As much as I disagree with most everything the devs do. The war system was broken by the kawmunity. The devs didn't exclude players because of their build, the devs didn't stack rosters with a LB player and the rest SH. Most people didn't get into wars because they were told to completely change build or drop build. Devs tried to fix it they nerfed the GH so the kawmunity figured out another loophole. A handful of people trying to fix a problem with game mechanics. Compared that to the hundreds (who in some cases are far more intelligent than the people trying to fix) trying to find the new loophole created. It's a losing battle. The war systems worked but the kawmunity didn't let it. They wanted specific builds, they wanted stacked rosters, they was the ones trying to gain easy wins by exploiting the system.
  3. You've got to be kidding me.. of course clans will use a good build and wont let crappy builds in. Its not abuse, its common fking sense to use an effective war build.. if your build sucks, its your fault.
  4. Would you let someone with a broken leg on your running team? Yes people want people who can actually preform on your team . Most people strive to win.

    IF devs brought back war equipment, which 100% of the active warring community would want  yes the participation would spike up. While it might not bring in new players it will 100% make some of the old people who did LL return and those "retired" from indi come back as well as the return of war equipment means less massive stat spread in brackets=more balanced rosters=less people complaining=more people warring? Currently kaw's war scene is a death spiral caused by the devs. Anyone saying otherwise is ignorant
  5. Faust and demon you proved my point with your replies. If you was new and not sure if you liked war, would you completely tear down your build to try something you may not even like. And that was highly likely going against a Lb/sh roster. Now participation is down and you want to cry. But when people wanted to participate you told them NO. You broke it now live with it.
  6. In the current meta one would try LL first because the lowland buildings are cheap? And if I liked it I would Change build and get bfa for indi? Wow
  7. I disagree where were the rewards when ee was 4 hours? Participation hasn't been as high since then sorry I worded my 1st post wrong anyone who thinks the way to make this crappy war system good is to add some crappy trinkets is dillusional I know I still wouldn't do them still simply because I don't enjoy ee anymore its terrible.
  8. If u want people to war again best way is to reduce rl time commitment....15min cool down before war and 30 mins wars.....I'd war again if that was case
  9. When i WAS new i did tear down my build, and joined worse war clans. Rose to the top of warring, then proceeded to applying to better clans with war experience. In my current LL clan a lot of people joined with little to no experience because u just cant get 15 experienced warriors all the time anymore. Open to recruit players as long as you prove you're good. This isnt exi or aunty, its a clan dedicated to win wars. Ik now its not as easy to go from worse clan to better as there are hardly any but you have indi wars now.
  10. On the comment about God forbid amending, let them know you have that issue. I brought it up to them in a ticket a couple weeks ago and apparently they'd never seen anyone report that issue where your screen goes wonky while trying to edit (e.g. after you highlight something). If more pepole are affected they might be more inclined to fix it.
  11. The devs (gods) could use some spells (atk dev -30%) to punish their enemys (machines).
  12. Your off topic and you sound extremely but hurt go cry to the dev's tell them the #1 alliance is beating you down.

    On topic discussion the true enemy the dev's is there own lack of effort and greed.
  13. So is the answer to bring 4hr wars back?

    Participation was high way back then mainly because they were new on the scene and everyone wanted to try them out (not forgetting way more players were active on kaw). Nothing is actually different with the mechs of 4hr wars compared to now other than they are 1hr long, use lowland buildings only and less people war now (also random/advantage ko if u wanna count that too)...
  14. Nightraid im surprised so little mambers can have the titel mechine thats not good politics.
  15. The devs should do some clan vs clan competition things!
  16. @Bruce,

    Thanks for the responses, but you missed other issues addressed. What about the huge gap in player base? Long login loading times? Future plans for the game? Less ignored feedback tabs or closing chats without proper help? Make it easier to keep in contact with you all.
    3 week periods of issues without any word from you all is what causes many to believe the game is dying. Just a few things to look at
  17. Was the door glitch ever addressed or was that ignored? It's been around a few years it'd be nice if it gets fixed now.
  18. Love to see the thread alive n strong. Keep at WM KaWmunity. Yo Bruce....I think another appearance is warranted
  19. What page did Bruce respond on?
  20. Think it was 25/26