How I Got Stripped Off The LB- A Valk Tale

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  1. Wanna hear a Joke? The Devs care about The Kawmunity 😂😂🤷‍♂️🌝
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  2. During the time Valkyl_was hacked any player was hired by valkyl_ and dropped please post here which owner you where hire from. If devs will not do much at least as a community we can help out by figuring out which account benifit. I am sure who ever the hacker hired from must be high ALB to clear out junk allies to move up more on alb. This will not be done by non ALB players. The allies was hired is 106 quadrillion thats a lot. That means 3 or more ALB account was hired from. Knowimg this accounts will help us as community to get justice
  3. Support. Its a shame to hear that they cant reimburse the different. I can understand why from the game pov (injecting money into economy etc etc), but surely theres some way that can be done? either via seals / xtals etc..

    My story is slightly similar, which happened early thursday morning / wednesday night, but I wont go into detail. Luckily, they didnt touch the build or allies but they did spend nobility & sent alot of rare / top stuff over. Thankfully, ATA did reverse the actions.

    It would be beneficial to add 2fa to logins (that opt-in to it ofcourse), e.g. adding a phone number or using an e-mail address to submit a code for any new login, with a notification (via same method) to say that a login attempt was made. I feel it would be a boost of security for players.
  4. After all these years i have been playing this game, valk is one of the most respected players in kaw, devs should do the right thing and refund his gold.
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  5. In my view the absolutely whole of kaw community can be effected by this and for an organisation as big as A THINKING APE to not honour there customers ,consumers and replace what what stolen by a breach in there servers is such an insult too injury it is a joke WITHOUT legit players such as valk that paid with real money and his own time and effort and years of dedication too get too the leaderboard is such an achievement,only too be hacked and KAW have there servers breached and lose a serious amount of gold to the sum of 106 quad and NOTHING I’m mean diddly squat nothing too be replaced for his loss something is seriously wrong ,without kaws army of players buying nobility,crystals ,crux’s and equipment KAW wouldn’t be where it is today and the developers pockets silver lined by all of our blood sweat and tears from working in real life too fund a game and develop characters and put real time and effort in and A THINKING APE can’t do the rightful honest fair thing and reimburse valk then we all are at risk too what will be a UNSEEN war from hackers and all our accts mean nothing all our efforts nothing if we have no safety measures if such a thing was too happen again and again and again —- developers need too do the right thing here and replace what once was after all WE ALL MAKE KAW happen
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  6. Your a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣 stripping players takes strategy and planning hacking takes a cheater and our alliances code of conduct does not except the cheaters route and would not and never have ...your just butt hurt and it’s a shame you couldn’t find an ounce of respect for such an alliance that is as tight and strategic and as a player you can’t see what has happened is morally wrong and I hope those hackers find there way too your Acct and then let’s see the river of tears you shed #cluelesslady# exit that way 👉
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  7. The way I read it, allies didn't get bought--they were dropped, and then junk allies hired and dropped again purely to drain gold. Which is a lot worse, and harder to track, than someone else simply buying Valk's allies.

    Maybe all the decent dropped allies got snapped up by the perpetrator later, but that seems unlikely to me.
  8. Support 100% reimbursing gold and improving security. Atas security is far from impregnable as evidenced by various reports of bots and accounts being banned for botting in the past. There was also the data breach on forums which made hacks like this easier to acheive. Ata should do the honorable thing and reimburse any accounts impacted. There are a variety of ways they could do this to minimimise impact on security. As a developer/analyst i would run a script to rehire all the allies. Some likely innocent players would make some small profit and trust would be restored. Until they deal with this responsibly my wallets shut
  9. So Devs..... what makes you think that we will continue spending on this game when it obviously isn’t secure?

    You have also acknowledged that Valk got hacked so why the half arsed fix? We all know an account like valk is all about the allies.

    Why will players think trying to get to LB is worth it anymore if they know that accounts can be hacked and all $$$ lost without the devs seeming to care (even after admission of the games failings)

    Ham 🍖🍖🍖
  10. This whole situation is very disconcerting. For players who choose Not to spend in game, perhaps not as unsettling, but for those of us who DO spend on game, the fact that an account not only can be maliciously accessed, and that devs are denying the possibility, or doing little to assure no further harm will turn us away. I don't have as much invested as Valk, but what I do is certainly enough that I'd feel robbed were I in a similar situation. I really hope this keeps traction and that devs heed everyone's call for security reform and that Valk gets the help that he most certainly deserves in restoring his losses.
  11. Valkyl is the most respected and honorable guys i know he was my former owner for the longest time and what happened to him is just plain bs and ata is a joke not dealing with this situation and turning a blind eye to this situation i just hope they find this puke and completely ban this puke
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  12. Great way to stoop to a new low ata/devs. I'm in the same boat as I may have not have spent the kind of money in game as some other players. That being said I have spent more than enough to also feel really angry and ripped off if that ever happens to me. Do your job ata/devs and protect our accounts and info. Have known Valk for a very long time as well. The man would not make this crap up. Don't make Valk pay for some pos thief actions. Make the POS thief pay for his/her actions!
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  13. I’m still being farmed over my hacking 😂
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  14. Do you think someone havked an account and drop build just to drained Valk? Valk is the most reapected player in KAW. Why would anyone would do that to him. I play long enough on this game to know that to stay on LB you must do premium EB with main and alrs. Any gold made by alts can be used to volley transfer. Valk gold might be used to hire junk allies and dropped. Then that gold still be tracable when used again to volley into main account where that gold ended up.
    Devs need to invistugate this issues and punished accounts which are involve. How can any players now have a peace of mind spendimg when they can lost easily their investment to the game.
    Too many cheats on the game already and we also have to deal with hackings.
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  15. You're so clueless
  16. I don't understand here. When an Apoc account gets "hacked" and destroyed, suddenly everyone in the alliance voices there concern and says how immoral it is to hack and access accounts that aren't there's. We all know what the case of this is, you're not 100% innocent Val, a top 10 account in a war clan would need 24/7 protection . But when Tangra accounts was "hacked", nobody voiced anything and it was all of a sudden okay because you guys was fighting them. And anyway, wasn't the accusations pointing at apoc for the hacked accounts 😏? But when it happens to you guys, you demand compensation, a response and a solution to prevent things in the future? I'm sorry for what happened Val but this seems like a joke 😂. What hacker would waste there time on a game like this?
  17. Devs figure out how to return the imaginary gold back to valk
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  18. We've recently experienced a few cases in players reporting getting their accounts "hacked".

    ATA's official statement on hacked accounts:

    "Our game's login system is very secure. No one can hack into anyone's accounts. Login details are never published anywhere, nor are account's passwords known to anyone but the owner. Even our staff don't know our players' passwords. Unfortunately in every case we've encountered the "hacked" account was due to account sharing or selling. We work very hard to ensure the safety of our players' accounts. However, if a player chooses to disclose login details to other players, we cannot guarantee the security of their account."

    We are confident in our system's security as ATA does not store any passwords nor do we have access to them. The only way for someone to access your account is by knowing your ATA ID password, or by getting a hold of your physical device, Facebook account, or your email account itself. If you're concerned for your account's security you/we can do the following:

    1) Contact us and we can change your ATA ID email address and/or detach your Facebook. We will have to verify your ownership of the account first;

    2) Reset your ATA ID password by following this link:

    3) Reset your Email and/or your Facebook password;

    4) Do not trust any links or information that is being spread through unofficial third party channels and applications.

    We would like to reiterate the final point. DO NOT, under any circumstances, click on any links you have received in third party channels. DO NOT share any of your login info or details. If you have received a password reset link on your email when you never requested one, IMMEDIATELY contact our support for assistance.

    ATA cannot be held responsible and will no longer be compensating for lost items/accounts in any such cases.

    Thank you for understanding and take care.
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  19. boogong it’s 2019 other games exist. Imagine playing this game full time still. What a sad existence.
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