How ATA killed their new game before its launch lol

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  1. So, for those of you playing KoH you know the disparity between the players.

    Unfortunately due to ATAs greed, they enabled purchases on the last 4 round on the beta along with compensations every round.
    So you have a bunch of players who spent a few thousands and are end game bc.

    And the remaining players at a miniscule size.

    #1 spent 7k usd so far.

    To give you a better idea

    #1 is 600mill might. #100 is 20mill might size.

    Forget about anyone lesser than 100 rank. So the game hasn't even had its global launch. It's had a soft launch in a few country's and the games economy is already ruined because you have a few players that have maxed out the game after max spending and are now dominating the game. The problem is, no new non beta players want to play after they see the disparities among the player sizes in the LB.

    Heck... Kaw didn't have this horrible of a size difference until the last few months.

    Moral of the story, ATA and their greed knows no bounds. They've managed to kill their game before its official launch lmao.

    I'm shocked at how stupid ATA can be with their blind greed.
    Barely a few hundred active and #1 is 900x bigger than the average non spender. The gap is so huge that is makes no sense.
    To put it in kaw terms, imagine if before kaw launched globally, #1 was BC at 4Bill cs and #100 was 1mill cs. (My post below has more details on it)
    One would have expected ATA to have the foresight to restrict purchases during their beta, but oh well.

    The game is destined to fail already. Those of you getting into game development, take a page from the ATA fail book and don't do what they do lol
  2. Huh? The stat gap has been around for more than just a few months.
  3. But a 600mcs stat gap wasn't around until OR was originally released. That was years into kaw's life. A 600mcs disparity while the game is in beta is insane. But I guess anyone who would spend $7k on an app that's in beta probably is too.
  4. Where's the proof that any non beta player besides you doesn't want to play?
  5. I'm not sure what kind of games you've played on your phone, but all games that have that same format are the same way. No duh the devs are going to enable spending. They need to pay bills and run a company. It's the fact of the matter.

    If you don't like games that you need to spend money on to grow quickly and stay in the upper LB, then don't play them. That game is like GoW and the pleather of copies. Not sure why you went in expecting a company to keep everything catered to free players.
  6. My point was that KaW has had a stat gap issue for more than a few months. What are you talking about? o.o
  7. *this horrible* of a stat gap, aka it got worse after the last land update.
  8. The Stat gap in KaW has always been proportional imo.

    in ~2012 max cs was like 4m attack and 4m attack defense, averaging like 9mcs.

    When we look back, we think 'wow, the stat gap was so much smaller'.

    However, an average noob might be 200k-1mcs at that time. The gap was still very very large, its just that our perspective is skewed because the numbers have grown mind-blowingly large if you have played this game since the beginning.

    Devs have tried to compensate for this, and have done a lackluster/decent job. If you create a new account, do decent in an event, you can get 20-40mcs. Do that for a couple events and a few htes and you can grow past 100mcs.

    I think the stat-gap issue has always been around, but it seems more exaggerated now because the max cs has grown exponentially (however, growing from average cs before has become exponentially easier.)

    I could be totally wrong though and you can correct me.
  9. Please stop fool.

    I don't expect ATA to be charity. I myself have spent thousands of dollars on their games over the years. As any game company should be, it's a business.

    My problem is with their greed. The game hasn't launched globally, yet you have 20 BC and the rest 100x smaller.
    To put it in kaw terms, imagine #1-10# LB were BC and then #100 was 1 mill cs. The remaining players even smaller. The development team in their foolishness didn't cap per day spending during the beta period. So you have players who have dropped thousands of dollars, BC and crushing the other players. Which is bad for the game when there are barely 500 actives. Top 15 have a total might greater than the entire player base.
    Common sense would have been to cap iap, so you don't have whales finish the game and crush everyone else.

    Get it now? ATA themselves agreed about this and are trying to fix it by changing mechs for the smaller players, but it's too late since beta is over.
    It's similar to what happened to SMASH, when the devs handed out 100ks of EX after the update. The game barely recovered and lost 80%of its actives.

    Only its much worse here, because the game hasn't even launched globally and the played base is tiny.

    The few players that stumble onto the game in their country, login, post on wc about how player LB sizes make no sense for a game that's not even globally launched.

    Another thought, if the spenders have already finished the game before launch, the devs are forced to introduce new levels and game play prematurely so they have something to chase.

    You should try out the game to understand the mechs I'm referring to. To reiterate, I have nothing against spending on a game. I have a problem with the model adopted by ATA for the beta, 6 rounds and the current on going soft launch, the game is dying due to the severely unbalanced economics.

    Was a great game, ATA set it up to fail with their usual lack of hindsight.
  10. 900x not 900%.

    900% = 9x

    Fun little math lesson for ya
    9x isn't really so bad
  11. I like dialling
  12. It gets worse with EVERY LAND UPDATE.
    Big deal.
  13. i can def understand what the op is getting at, the game is actually not bad if u can ignore all the performance issues & lag, but the gap is huge already & i thought about spending real cash then realised there was no point cos the guys who are leading are way too far above me already, on top of that the prices for what u're getting seem extortionate lmao...i can't believe it's not even launched globally yet has the gall to go for a quick money grab & scare off most newbs from spending when they need them to even get a name still lol...i was really surprised they haven't capped it sumhow like i've seen in many other mmo's..ata has the worse pricing/marketing system out of any game i've played to date, & i've played a tonne of freemium games that have pay to win/grow faster models.
  14. #ATALogic

    5k+ USD to BC on a game that's not even had a global launch :lol:
  15. I'm not saying there wasn't a stat gap before. I'm saying it took years for kaw to build up to a 600mcs stat gap. It's crazy to me that this new game is starting that way. It's gonna dissuade lots of people from continuing to play when they can't even get close to that size without spending stupid amounts of money on a tap tap game. Kaw is at the point now where there are basically no new players because of how insane the gap is, a brand new game should not be starting the way kaw is now. How will they maintain a decent size player base if no one wants to play because it's so disheartening to know you'll never get to that point without spending? It seems too blatantly obvious to me that all they care about is milking a few big spending players for as much money as possible before the game inevitably dies because they set it up for failure from the start.
  16. The stat gap is why I spent $6 on this game. No way I'm hitting the leader board like I did in Gangs at war.
  17. So its a game like game of war with 1 server? Yeh that won't last long.
  18. This. Exactly.
    The new game is starting out with a way larger disparity between build sizes than what you see here. I'd like to say that KaW's build size disparities are at least reasonable somehow, given ATA's general lack of foresight with their updates and the fact that the game is 8 years old.

    ATA is in damage control mode regarding KoH now that they're awoken to the problem, they've tried changing mechs to help smalls grow there, but none of it's going to negate the thousands of dollars spent by players on a game that hasn't launched.
    I don't blame the players, just ATA and the usual ineptitude.


    Rip KoH.
    This is me signing off.
  19. the beta was fun until they enabled purchases. I had a pretty good clan going. Now I have no desire to continue because of the economy
  20. The game is fun and is popular, im doing extremely well in the top 400

    Idk what you're complaining about

    Also nobody is close to bc yet lmao , biggest person only has t3 troops