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  1. I made an account bought a seal and used it at 'Home of The Sealers' i didnt even get to hit 10% items and i got kicked for talking back to someone that was being rude to me. Now they wont let me in for my Phase 2 even, so i just bought a seal for them and they wont even let me get my gold from my items.. I mean im 100kcs just started today and the clan ripped me off. Thanks alot guys ill get you's back dont worry.
  2. Get'em back, I'm cheering for you.
  3. yeah i will guys dont worry just need to kick start this account somehow i guess. hope i dont need to wait till tomorrow. xD
  4. Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug.
  5. Moose bud, like i said i got kicked for TALKING BACK to someone who was RUDE TO ME. :)
  6. What did this rude person say to you?
  7. I have found in life, the best response to a rude person is no response at all, unless I'm in a position of some power. If that's the case, then the gloves are off 
  8. No one was rude to you eternal you were flipping out for no reason
  9. Don't buy seals. Problem solved.
  10. From my understanding, an admin gave you a pass and you weren't happy with it. (Passes are right on CP) you flipped out on said admin and in cc. Then tried attacking them with your main, instead of trying to calmly work it out. The pass you gave yourself would back this up. Good luck in your future endeavors with that attitude.
  11. Judging by op's wall, i think they won :D
  12. It's a war game, take them out
  13. Castiel 4mod
  14. This isn't what you originally posted, you said the wrong pass.

    So if he was in the wrong why is one of the admins sealing for him in a different HTE clan?
  15. Everyone on this thread should get a seal too.
  16. You'd have to ask that person. Not real sure what went on between those two. The original problem was between Shin and Eternal and CC. ;)
  17. You are lucky op is in a good mood you wouldn't have a clan left.

    Jk nothing meant by it I seen op is statless amd jumped on it sorry.
  18. vlad sealed for me somewhere else so issue is dealt with, will keep farming ultra_DMC for kicking me but thats about it. enjoy FEAR-THIS. :lol: