Hit the player above you!

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Nate, May 24, 2016.

  1. Wassup forums, just sitting around on an off day, eating some Doritos and watching ESPN.

    I don't remember this ever being a thing, I figured "Heck why not?!"

    It's self explanatory: hit the player that posts above you! If you can't hit them....

    Well then hit someone on the BL and brag about it here in this forum. :lol:

    After you hit be sure to brag about it. Wouldn't be fun if you didn't brag about tapping the forum warriors!

    Have fun and happy Tuesday!
  2. iG and invite woot!

    And yes this used to be a thing, but thanks for resurrecting it...
  3. I'm in war can't hit.
  4. I'm too weak
  5. Take that 
  6. 4/4/11 
  7.  bam! Nice thread btw!
  8. I like (chicken)nuggg(ets) :D
  9. Daddy spanked ya!

    Thanks! :) hope to have some fun with it lol
  10. D-daddy? Can I spank you too? I would fail tbh unless I'd attack you, where's the fun in that when u know who spanked u
  11. Well then

    Give me a bit to hit... Good luck hitting me people XD
  12. DTW NOOB :cry:
  13. #IFullyUnloadOnEB's
  14. Git gud scrub
  15. I got rekt cuz im crap
  16. Easy, just dropped my alts build
  17. Take that! You didn't pay well 
  18. Two misses, oh my!