hit the person above you game

Discussion in 'Wars' started by llIlIlIlBMWlIllIII, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Why can't we start now :(
  2. Loser gets stripped??? What kind of 1v1 is that??
  3. Wouldn't be as fun if i was already almost pinned.
  4. Oliver who said you cant start now
  5. Crystal then, and yeah loser won't get stripped after. I'll strip whenever 
  6. Ok I'm fully regened if someone wants to take a crack at me. And you guys are cracking me up with that smack talking.
  7. Can't do anything with people hitting me
  8. Bring atk 1/1/11 np
  9. Who is smack talking? Cause you are sadly mistaken if you are referring to me lol and I already hit you 5 times :/
  10. King you were the one who come here asking for us to come at you
  11. Hey Kingpotato, what country do you live in? So I can get the times right for our 1v1
  12. Eastern? Central? Western? Pacific?
  13. :lol: shouldn't have said that...
  14. Cheese. Right after you hit me with spies. I check my troop level and it showed full. I know I'm a bad *** but WTH. How is that possible?
  15. Okay sounds good

    :lol: can't believe it worked
  16. Oh god king your an idot