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  1. Toast's quest guide it's not stickies but it was good
  2. Sholron, the only way to save them is to bump them. The links no longer work once bumped off the forums. It says "The thread you're looking for cannot be found".
  3. Updated!!! Please post if any links don't work, I will fix them:)
  4. You've found my secret testing post! Well done!

    Wall me for a cookie :)

  5. Humor section should have some like distance's antiguide, and Swabia's guide to unlocking t4 plunder caps.
  6. Major Update!!

    Adding some flair to presentation of thread, the titles themselves are now the links, and created the "Humor" sub-section.

    Have ideas for additions, notice problems, or have comments? Post away!!
  7. Looking good
  8. Looking Good
  9. Couldn't have done it without you Dilly
  10. Omgosh  O.O :eek: my thread is on here
  11. Moonclaw which isnt war it was a just a word i got out a book
  13. Where is Chad Danublo thread on the villager. Lol
  14. Good question...I must go find it...
  15. Bump for da history
  16. Daily bump 
  17. Bumpin'

    Adding one or two more links tommorrow.