Historic Thread Safeguard Service

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  1. Find tz coffe house
  2. I vote for my potion guide and my ahdragos thread :D
  3. The two Raven guides, the iG thread made by Grumpyeric, the alliance thread of storallelite (sorry if that was said :p) and Rajang and my Conversational Thread. That is all i can think to add atm. 
  4. I haven't a clue what its called but the Trueplayer is Sorry thread. Tr one that went on with all the 'I spoke to Hannah Montana. She said she wasn't an alcoholic'.

    That was hilarious
  5. Lindsay Lohan not Hannah montana
  6. Whatever. It was a classic thread Benny 
  7. Tp is sorry thread needs a sticky. It's the funniest thread ever.
  8. Aye. I laughed so hard at that thread 
  9. Cowlegends threads are good, and the ahdragos one is hilarious
  10. The Ahdragos one is funny
  11. Will compile a list of those I possess shortly
  12. All requested threads are now safeguarded
  13. I think I busted my sides lauging at the TP thread.

    "I talked to NAL they said bump"

    I crack my self up.
  14. ^ total agree. It doesn't get better than that.
  15. Tz strat 1 and 1