highest hansel plunder?

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  1. I just cant see the advantages of being a pure hansel. ok. in real wars they are very helpfull I guess. but as the game nowadays is mostly about epic battles....
  2. my theory would be: the best build for money making is a hybrid where you have the lowest possible atk stats for hitting the haunting without pots. the weaker you are compared to your enemy, the more plunder you make. but the pots are to expensive in this calculation. so: 4 or 5 T4 atk buildings. the rest spy buildings. SOS or guilds? I dont know.
  3. I get 23 mil first hit...
  4. My hansel makes almost the same as me in haunting(-7.5 mill pots to hit) and is not hlbc yet. His bonus is almost always 2 billion more then mine.
  5. Dont forget the gold from assassinating..thats where you get a lot of money in haunting
  6. I unloaded a few times on an EB no pots and got 1.5 bil in return, gotta love dem bonuses
  7. I know that the extra damage caused by using 7.5m pot pays a bonus that more than covers the cost of pots. 400/400k hansel using 7.5m attk pots make around 1b an unload that's 800m net an hour 
  8. I make 23M first and 18 last.

    In haunting clans I usually end up getting the highest plunder earnings.
  9. ok. but how do you know that the extra damage from using the pots is bringing the big money? maybe its just the fact, that you have a lot of spies and do a successfull hit. all I am saying is: with 4 or 5 t4 atk buildings and the rest spies you dont have to use pots but you still have the benefits of a pure hansel build. you will only have 4 or 5 spy buildings less. you get big rewards, dont pay for pots and get some extra cash for troop plunder. or am I wrong?
  10. I thought we already established this.
  11. yes. true. sorry for repeating. just wanted to shout it out into a world full of hansel fundamentalists. 
  12. Almost 24 mill first hit only drops to 23.75 for last. I get 2 bill more in the bonus then my main witch is BC.
  13. what do you want to tell me?
  14. wair but ive seen pics of balanced (all troop buildings) builds make up to 70m per hit. Was this a false picture or do hansels make less than troop builds?
  15. They make more due to them having more troops. But that amount drops super fast. Whereas a hansel makes less first hit but about the same every hit. But 70mil seems a bit high.
  16. Hansel's FTW, I am ALWAYS in the top 10 players at the end of haunting. I use 7.5 and 2.5 m Attack pots and get 100% success rate. Plus having more spies gives you more successful actions which in turn gives you more money at the end. Nuff said 
  17. 76.2 Billion

    ...don't forget to tip

  18. I make more with my hlbc hansel than hlbc main on the haunting . And I use 10m in pots per hit . The bonus I get is ridiculous on the hansel
  19. MissMelon you didn't ask my HLBC hansel, you always forget about me. 
  20. Guilds also play a big role
    In plunder bonus right? Has anyone tried hlc w only guilds and a t5?