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  1. How do you hide your identification to the allies that you own from other gamers.
  2. While you have the five year achievment and I find it unlikely that you don't know, I will tell you anyway. Go to alchemist, then activate seal of loyalty.
  3. Name yourself Hidden.
  4. To add, the spell oath of fealty can also hide your allies (longer amount of time).
  5. And get a job with ATA so your name can be red text
  6. After you hire an ally it will show up on their news

    You must hide allies everyday for 24hrs and stay on top of it so there is no gaps not even a second without the spell

    Then assuming you never created a thread, posted any comment on forums, or left a link on any wall in kaw

    After your allies are hidden and you hire the new ally, they see the notice, then change your name

    Change your name often and repeatedly