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    Hey just list all your KaW complaints here.
    Really let the devs know what you want. Maybe they might take interest in your “fix it” ideas.
    This just might work this time.....maybe
  2. Or just use the thread Demon made... duh
  3. Or I can make another “fix it” thread for a new problem.
  4. What new problem is it that requires a new thread?
  5. This post is as pointless as the other thread you just called pointless.
  6. Domo wants some attention y'all cmon smh be nice
  7. Here before lock!
  8. I see why you get nowhere in life.
  9. Hey guys don't be mean at least he is trying to make kaw better while you guys just complain and take no action
  10. another attention seeking thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.