Help on GTA IV

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  1. Thanks so much that worked
  2. I can help, but you'll need to give some more system specs.. Cpu model and gpu model+brand. It could very well be a driver issue (gpu related) or a gamefile issue.

    Feel free to PM me.
  3. Who games on a mac?
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  5. Could be corrupt files
    Easy fix for that:
    Steam --> Game Library --> Right Click on Game --> Properties --> Verify Game Integrity.

    If this doesn't work then it could be a DX error, hmu in PM for a different way to contact me for a link to the DX version supported by GTAIV :p
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  7. Ask steam forums? I had a similar issue and I think I just verified the integrity in settings but other than that idk
  8. Some people on this game has that so be quiet smart one
  9. K run GTA IV in comparability mode Vista

    Go into GTA IV install folder there will be a folder with DirectX social club etc

    Make sure you run each install for those programs

    Try running game because Windows lives game is dead you man need livelessdll which will shut off Windows live for gta iv

    *NOTE those who misread he bought GTA IV game code n redeemed it on steam

    Also note while this was a horrible port by pc standards still playable from a console viewpoint. Most you will get if me m serves is 30 to 40 fps.

    Game was never ported right to utilize gpus
  10. If you plan to reply to the OP, do yourself a favor and read the entire thread.

    He's gotten his answer, all you late posters do is make yourselves look of below average intelligence.
  11. See youtube GTA IV mods & the game is often on sale for less than $10
  12. Not really as others who might stumble on the thread may find a solution that the Op's fix didn't work 4.

    My post for example works for Windows 10 as well.
  13. Actually, last night the game was working, but when I got home from work to play it, it changed the resolution of my screen and crashes back the desktop. But it still says the process is running
  14. If you see less than 2gb vram on the bottom of the graphics screen then the game doesn't recognize your gpu and uses the built-in gpu in the motherboard
  15. I think you mean Integrated Gpu. It's on the Cpu, not motherboard. And that depends on the Cpu.

    I also think this might be the issue. I'm still awaiting op's PM. It could also be a compatibility issue.
  16. Yes, thanks for the correction

    This is a common issue and it's widely discussed in the internet so it's easy to fix