Help me with my Build?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by JohnHuff, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Should I change anything to my Build to progress faster? Would it be beneficial to add some attack buildings or just keep on building spy?
  2. It really just depends on your play style mate, some people work better and faster with things that others don't. It's all up to how you (individually) play
  3. Spy build is best build for growth. Attack building will give good initial plunder but plunder from attack buildings decrease the fewer troops you have.

    Just a few dos and donts:

    Do not upgrade hoarfrost past level 2 the stats sucks.
    Do not buy more than 15 hf lands as you will unlock the next two land areas once 15 hoarfrost lands are unlocked.

    DO build as much as you can on abyssal lands and osmon rai. These lands probably make up more than 75% of my CS which shows how much I dont need hoarfrost.
  4. Lol how do stats suck on hoarfrost? Obviously they are going to be less than abyss and Osman but they are also cheap and give nice plunder for price. The stats to price ratio is basically the same.

    And op you're a Hansel just stay as you are keep building spy buildings I'd personally do those cheap upgrades along the way. When you get your event SB then do a bigger upgrade with it obviously when you run out of hoarfrost to upgrade you'll have to start saving bigger amounts but will be easier by then. Every little helps.

  5. OP, do not upgrade hf... You only need to buy 15 lands in hoarfrost to unlock the rest of your lands.

    I did some math because I cringe everytime I see T10 ice trees

    25 T10 spy buildings on hoarfrost will give you:
    10M cs and cost 23T which is 230,000 gold per ONE cs
    25 T10 spy buildings on abyss will give you:
    48M cs and cost 94.7T which is 195,000 gold per ONE cs

    To put it in a simpler view, 23T (cost of fully upgraded hoarfrost) would buy you 6 T10 spy buildings on abyss. Which = to 11.7M CS. 1.7m more than hoarfrost for the same cost and you would still have a little gold left over
  6. At the end of the day op its your game but upgrading HF will help you in the long run with more expensive upgrades 
  7. Can we both agree that lvl 4 hl is still the worst investment?
  8. HL level 4 is the worst ug per gold spent.
  9. Agreed, stay hansel OP. And listen to spooky, don't waste your gold on hf and no upgrading to to lvl4 unless you have already. There will be a time when you have to wait a bit to upgrade on abyss or osmon...That's the time you might upgrade your hf buildings to lvl3 :lol:
    Make sure you keep one elven temple and one unkari tree at lvl1 for those extra hits.