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  1. ^ how has that name not been silenced?!
  2. Because it's not Offensive
    Oh yea and I quoted you immediately after you posted it. Deal with it
  3. What's not offensive about a sexual act and someone's mother?
  4. Mods just havent seen it yet im guessing.
  5. You don't seem offended by my ceremonial sexing of your mother.

  6. Honestly that person is really irritating. As an official KaW troll, I hereby denounce this "creature"
  7. aniksuneja or whatever I'm going to do poorly? you've been here for 3 years and you aren't even 6mcs yet… and rikki don't act like your bad you're just going along with the crowd even if I was your size you wouldn't hit we all know how important that HTE eb is to you I doubt you'd want to lose any of your precious hard earned gold getting hit back
  8. Lol baby anik has reset and dropped build soooo many times
  9. You're welcome to see what happens when you hit me, if you ever get to this size
  10. Lol
  11. First bit of advice i can offer you baby is, keep your cool when posting on forums. You start to show signs of frustration or get defensive, you wont find any assistance from the community.

    Heres something to help you get started.

    -First goal
    Save up for an ally that cost about 1 bill. If that ally is ever hired immediately find another. Do not spend the gold on upgrades. You will always reinvest back into another ally.

    -What to build
    Things are alot different now for new players and theres someone out there that can chime in with some helpful advice, but until then...

    Build forges or choose one of the other attack buildings of that price. Pick one only and those are the attack buildings you will buy.

    Roughly, for every four atk buildings you buy, buy a spy building. Ex, Guild or a Strong hold of shadows. Guild maybe the better choice a this particular time.

    Dont worry ablut upgrading any buildings yet. Buy one and save to buy another. Get building on all the lands you currently have available now.

    After every 4-5 buildings you buy, hire another 1 bill ally.

    -Making that Gold
    Look for clans in world chat advertising tier 1 ebs. Tap on the players name and on their profile page that you will now be on, tap on clan>join> and wait.
  12. >says he just wants help
    >get's assmad at first troll
    >begins throwing out stupid comments
    >angry ten year old boy
    >tree fiddy

    Since Rikki is in no position to deliver it right now, here you go.

  13. All I do these days is copy Zeths and rikkis pics and gifs into my notes
  14. Good, let the kek flow through you.
  15. I've been learned. Just ask rikki
  16. I call first dibs
  17. You have to be the kek
  18. Get out