hello all - currently in hospital

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by SaDiablo, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    LOL Get better!
  2. If you read this, congratulations! You wasted your time! :)
  3. Godspeed, goodluck, goodnight, happy KaWing, get well soon, and that's it.
  4. I didn't know you weren't allowed to use phones in the hospital. The one time I was in the hospital I was playin games on my iPod. I just put it away when the nurses and doctors came in to nurse me and doctor me and talk to me and do their general healing business.
  5. I get to write*^
  6. Get well soon
  7. hope yah feel better
  8. Kawing while driving is bad cause so many accidents happens.
  9. Have a quick recovery
  10. It's a shame I wasn't kawing while driving.

    I believe I lost it around a corner and smashed into a tree. Broke my right hip my pelvis, had lunge damage heart damage and head damage. I'm just really glad to still be here and able to tell my story despite who cares about it!

  11. Omg. That's a lot of damage done
    But I couldn't find anything like " lunge " in my body 
    Does that mean I already lost it? but how and when?!
  12. Well I could have spelt it wrong.. Maybe.
    It happened about 5 weeks ago, but I've only just woken up about 4 days ago and was allowed my phone yesterday :( just wish to be out of here already! Stupid hospital!
  13. Takes Diablo outta the 

    Cmmon get on myyy bicycle!!!!! 


     
  14. Sir, I call bull

    Hospitals do not allow phones simply because it interferes with the machines dedicated to save your life. Plus if you damaged your lung, pelvis, and had a head injury you'd be asleep for longer than a month.
  15. You're calling bull on the truth. I really don't know what else to say to prove it. :( but phones are fine here.
  16. Lol. Doctors carry phones
  17. Phones are also fine in hospitals where I'm from. Hope you get well soon.
  18. Hospitals I'm my area even have wifi and computers for public use, so I'm pretty sure he can have a phone.
  19. Thanks everyone. I only wish to be honest, but unfortunately dumbass trolls exist. :(
  20. OP, is this a pathetic cover for your gender modification surgery? Don't you think everyone will figure out that you changed your name from Lee to Leigh?
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