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Discussion in 'Wars' started by -SpicYdrumStIck-, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. I hereby declare Heart of gold is officially Down. Admin status is precious. Owner is Gone~~~ Create new clan is better. Heart of Gold Reborn???
  2. At least it's not a statless alt...
  3. The name is the best I guess......
  4. That's refreshing, an actual main.
  5. Nice thread...
  6.  Are any of the above posts actually improving the quality of KaW forums? Better a statless alt posts with something to say, than several bigger stats post with nothing intelligent to say.

    And OP I think it is for HoG to say when they are finished or if they are just getting started.
  7. @ op not sure your in any position to declare anthing about HG.. Stay in your lane ..
  8. Devs could have passed on ownership to another admin! Shame on you devs!
  9. Ooops looks like ownership has changed!!
  10. I dont know what to make of this :?
  11. Looks like HoG lost few members. But they seem to be their still
  12. Dont assume things about hog
  13. It's not over til the fat lady 
  14. Sorry to disappoint you but Hog is still here ! But thank you for your concerns 
  15. @spooky I thought you quit.
  16. Hate to disappoint you, but didn't you make a retirement thread??
  17. Yeah, he missed me. So he came back. What of it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.