haunting getting stronger!?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by DaEvilShaman, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. I've noticed this trend with a couple of other players too and they've also agreed with me. Haunting is getting harder to hit and therefor creating the logic of it being 'stronger!'!?)
    Or is it?

    Leave comments below on what you think...
    Have you noticed it too?
  2. Maybe Apherium unlocked the last few Highlands?
  3. Mayve just maybe
  4. Been doing push ups at night.

  5. What I mean by harder to hit!
    Ive never failed my last hits on a haunting, even 200k attack stats ago but since a few days ago, my last 1-3 hits are 90% of the time failing. WTH is going on???
  6. Maybe we are shrinking 
  7. Well due to the new equipment its getting easy to hit haunting with low raw attack stats. So it would make some sense in increasing the attack stats needed to hit haunting in a way.
  8. He will never get his highlands he gets farmed all day
  9. Lol 1-3 last hits fail 90% of the time.

    I reccomend using attack pots if it really matters that much to you .
  10. I haven't noticed an increase in stats needed for haunt, however haunt payouts seem to be severely lessened. Especially for items.
  11. Just a though, but maybe with everyone going towerbuilds and losing attack buildings. This could be some reason to why we feel we are making less in haunting.
    Remember just a though.
  12. Your thought is wrong. Items gold is paid out the same to everybody, regardless of your build. Btw, most people aren't "tower builds" they are just builds with towers.
  13. I'm sorry, I meant your "though" lol
  14. Not A Money Issue
    It's not the money problem, it's just the sudden change in 'x' requirement(s) to hit haunts. Not sure what devs did(if they did anything) but its effected me. And no I'm not complaining, I'm just curious to see who else might have had this problem.
  15. No, that may be a separate issue, but the money is also a very real problem lol.
  16. I did notice that I had a 100% success rate on TGL with an alt. It dropped a little while ago, now the last hit is an occasional fail.
  17. These troll comments make me literally laugh out loud. 
  18. I just skim with my battle fury mith spell on hit haunts just fine with my little aviary 
  19. Ive Noticed, but theres alot of strange things like that in this game
  20. I disagree. I think its getting weaker :eek: