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  1. Yo since the events took off and threads kept locking, things have been gone crazy like really. Low effort threads locking, ppl buzzing ver event items, kardashians still being irrelevant. Answers please
  2. I would argue the Kawverse is always a little mad.

    But were all mad here, so its normal.
  3. Love you kitty cat
  4. As Norman Bates once said: "we all go a little mad sometimes"

  5. All the real gamers-KAWers left years ago ...all that's left are cheaters and spenders who couldn't get anywhere when the real gamers were here. Mods and devs have to pander to cheaters & spenders because it's the only people left playing they can dig money out of. That's why it's seems crazy right now. All that's left are crazies and idiots and since that's the spending base on KAW now ATA will pander to those people until the wheels fall off the cart.
  6. I beg to differ I'm over 7 years on this account and completely f2p only money spent was few $ on propavks 6 years ago lol... And i quite have my sanity
  7. We all float down here
  8. It's just me
  9. The war match ups causes some players not war or wound up being hit due to bigger players. How many more will leave if wars brackets don't fix because right now it's not good explain what they need to do to fix this?
  10. As long as we have the kardashians we should be okay
  11. My left nut hangs slightly lower than my right, but ive been told this is perfectly normal.
  12. In before the low effort lock 
  13. The KaWverse is a beautiful thing :^)
  14. awww thats cute

    y yes it is...
  15. Make sure you don’t say that. Choccy gave me a one day forum ban for saying that because it’s considered “trolling” and spam
  16. Locking per op request
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