Has KaW changed your real life?

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  1. When i started playing KaW last year i was in a pretty bad state of mind, i was recovering from a serious car crash which has left me paralysed from the bottom of ribcage, i had to quit my studies at University and was feeling useless and worthless.
    I've always been a person who was happy spending time with my own company, studying and doing sports on my own and i thought i was content with that. But playing KaW, working with clan-mates and encouraging each other has made me realise that i can still have some kind of life (although completely different to the life and future that i have planned for myself).
    After i tried to kill myself 6 months ago i'm having therapy, have started working as an editorial assistant for an online magazine for paraplegics, have started playing wheelchair basketball, and am getting an assistant dog which hopefully should help me to live more independantly.
    The support i've recieved from people on here has been amazing, you've been so encouraging both in my KaW and Real Life.
    So thankyou everybody who i've chatted with, or just laughed at in wc, you've all helped me to see that i can still have a good life, success and happiness, and for treating me like a 'normal' (whatever that is) 21 year old girl.
    Has KaW helped you in real life?
  2. Having supportive like minded people to help you through the hard times is one of the most important parts of life. I'm glad you have found that in RL and on KAW. True friends are hard to come by, cherish all of them. No matter how crazy life can be with the right people on your side anything is possible. I actually met my gf of almost 3 years playing kaw, I know and understand the bonds that can be formed between kaw addicts. I'm very happy to know that you have met great people, and have been positively influenced by them. There are alot of trolls out there. I talk alot of crap about how KAW is dying and isnt what it was in the past, and how it's gone down the toilet. But when I read a post like this it makes me want to take it all back. KAW unites people in ways that those who dont play will never comprehend. I wish you the best pene!!
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  3. Yes lot's of money down the drain, but would've been spent on other dumb stuff so whatevs. Has it changed my life? not for the better
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  4. It’s refreshing to hear positives about this game, OP, I’m sure I don’t understand (on a scale) of what you’ve been through. But I commend you for fighting your battles!
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  5. Hey bro I just wanted to say that I’m proud of u for pulling through man and that u can get through anything! I also had a similar situation where I had medical issues and couldn’t do any of the things I loved doing and was depressed and coming back to this game really helped me mentally, so ur not alone and if u ever need to talk my pms are open bro
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