Happy 5th Anniversay One Direction

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  1. Hi fellow directioners!

    Today is the fifth anniversary of our favorite band, One Direction. Anyone who knows me can tell you I'm a huge Harry Styles fan, but I worry if our favorite boys will make it for another 5. Zayn already left (I cried for hours) and it looks like Louis is in trouble and is gonna be a daddy.

    I hope the boys can keep it together.

    Thank you once again for a wonderful five years. I love every single one of your songs. And Harry? If you are reading this? MARRY ME!!!
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    please post your support for one direction! Do you love Harry as much as I do?
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    Thanks. What's your favorite 1D song? Who in 1D would you like to marry?
  5. Detroit rock city, and gene Simmons.

  6. I really like Night changes. But poor Harry. He broke his arm in the video. :cry:
  7. My favorite band! Im so excited now. Thanks for sharing.

    Live, Laugh, Love, Led ✌️
  8. Blessed are we to have lived through OneD and their rise to the top. Best song 'What makes you beautiful'.
    Good to see Led Zep posting, a truly dedicated fan, posters all over his bedroom walls, and a big crush on Harry!
  9. Support ♡ Gotta love 1D
    please dont release the trolls
  10. No just no cant stand them no no no now let's get this thread outta forums it's burning my eyes in all serious eh it's ok op. Nice gif avatar fits the thread well.

  11. Metallica rules.... Nuf said
  12. I think you broke your manhood in it as well
  13. I see ur Metallica and raise u a Megadeth

  14. Lol this band is splittingUp , just heard it this week.
  15. It isn't 1D anymore without Zayn :(
  16. Love it!