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  1. I have a pure spy build with 1 elven temple. Is there anything I should do to my Build? Would adding some attack buildings help or should I stick with pure spy?
  2. For EB that elven temple will do the trick.
    For war u might wanna look at more atks/towers.
  3. Just do whatever, you can build bunch of attack buildings and still keep Hansel mechanics

    As long as you keep it around 1 attack for every 5 spy buildings you should be good

    I forget the exact numbers (it's been to long) and I don't really care enough to check

    All I know for sure is it's about the number of buildings and stats don't mean anything as far as which build type can or can't attack another build type with and or without gold at a certain troop level

    Really is not even worth it unless you plan to pvp in any way like system war, osw, pvp event, 1v1 farming, battle list, hitting world chat, scamming, etc etc
  4. Best reference guide for this info is under Forums- Guide (1st page, halfway down), Fight Mechanics by LR-RIPPER.
  5. Having 1 attack building doesn't mean you're a pure spy. Pure spy have zero attack building I have no clue why people now a day think this way makes no sense.
  6. Your build is fine, good for plunder and growth.
  7. build types have changed. PS1=pure spy build with one attk building
  8. That's a hansel buddy
  9. 2 things

    1) I'm a self professed nub
    2)screw kaw knowledge, too much to keep track of.:lol:
  10. These things do matter and so when people thought they were clever with the ps1 label they really confused what things are. The important thing is fight mechanics. A ps1 is a Hansel and uses the Hansel fight mechanics. A pure spy is just that only spy buildings (towers don't affect fight mechanics) and uses the pure spy fight mechanics. If you ever hit anything other than an eb or are hit by anyone, the best thing you can do is learn the different mechanics and how they are used for your build. There are some good guides out there.

    Let's start a revolution to change the ps1 to HO1A (Hansel only 1 attack). Whose with me...no one ok that's cool, just remember that because you call it a ps1 doesn't mean it is a pure spy.

  11. If I were to drop my ll attack building I'd be a ps,no point in calling me a hansel for something I can remove so easily and it's either way cheap to put back up.
  12. I'm a hansel
  13. You're a Hansel you'll be a pure spy when you drop your attack building.
  14. It's funny because for the longest it's always been hansel. I have no clue when it changed (probably when I wasn't playing for the longest lol). But it seems like people with 4yr plus badges call a Hansel what it is. And those with younger badges 3yrs and under changed it too ps1 and such making it extremely confusing. I do think we too revert to calling hansel like H1 using the number for amount of attack buildings the Hansel is running with not this dumb ps bs.
  15. I heard about the PS1 first from the system war players a few years ago. It made no sense then and it doesn't make sense now.

    ^ this will always be the correct info no matter how much people try to change it.
  16. Its easy I've figured it everyone can be a pur spy if they want just add your attack buildings up put PS in front of the number and bobs your uncle. For example I am now a ps55.
  17. 17 attack buildings
    106 spy buildings

    Hansel for life
  18. I'm a fan of the term th, meaning true or traditional hansel. Considering the original build was only 1 attack building, regardless of the actual mechanics, that is the traditional hansel.
  19. I'm pretty sure the term became popular during the time when indi wars were first introduced. It was an easy way im wars to refer to people as a hansel with one attack building, especially when more and more lands were added and hansels started having more than one attack building.

    I for one, have always hated the term and find it ridiculous. You're either a pure spy build or you're not, there is no in between, and I will forever be a hansel build :)
  20. It nice having stronger attack though because it opens up more targets without relying on bfa

    A Hansel slaying Hansel

    You might think twice attacking me because the 40m defense from 17 attack buildings, your forge won't carry you to a win so you'll need 480m attack bfa just to match the difference not counting my bfa too