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  1. I have been asked the same question all over and over and over again. "Why is Hansel good?","Why hansel and not attack?".


    Lets start with the good side.

    Good side:

    - The main good side and the best side I've heard is that VooDoo beat iG in war because of their hansels member.

    - Hansels provide more bonuses in EBS then attacks. They also rise up allie plunders too. ( Guilds provide more allie plunder but SOS drops your allie plunder ).

    - Hansels also provides more troops then attack, more attacks, more damage in farming/war and more bonuses from EBS.

    So that is all I have experienced on the good side, but on the bad side is:

    - Spies buildings cost more then attacks. ( Includes Upgrade )

    - Hansel has smaller hits in EBS.

    - SOS drops allies plunder ( As said above ).

    So that is what I have experienced in my hansel days. Please add more bad/good sides but no trolls  Seriously.

    Thanks - Farriz.
  2. Why not read the forums on this ?
    All the builds are explained !
    But are you just so incapable of looking for them, that you can't be bothered to drag your knuckles away from your privates for 2 minutes to look ? And then not expect to be trolled ?
    :lol: Duhhhhhh
  3. No, hansels get more spies. Damage from spies is much higher than from troops in all cases, which is a bonus too. Your eb gets completed that much faster.

    SoS plunder does decrease, but there are some factors which affect how much it decreases. For me, it happens to increase rather than decrease with each consecutive SoS.

    Hansels have larger hits with assassinations than attack builds do with troops.
  4. Because a hansel can self pin then assasinate you at leasure. They make alot of gold in eb. Have you even read any of the guides?
  5. Wait. Go back a second. Voodoo beat iG in war?
  6. Yes.
  7. A rough guess would say mid to early March. Im not exactly sure.
  8. About a month ago
  9. Yes, VooDoo did, but anyways back on topic, another bonus of hansel is that you can easily convert to pure spy and become invulnerable to attacks.
  10. wait, spy builds are less expensive if u go from t1-t2-t3-t4 attack or even t2 to t3 to t4. only if u go from t1 to t4 attack is spy build more expensive
  11. Guilds are more expensive than T1 and T2. SoS is more expensive than T3 and T4. For argument's sake, guild = T3, and SoS = T4 (attack build equivalent) In the same way as a spy build, if you converted from a T3 to a T4 build as an attack, its much cheaper as an attack build than a spy build.

    Spy builds are more expensive.
  12. Well done Farriz. Learning!
  13. What i like about hansel is u have more options then just attack
  14. Can pure spy be attacked? Someone said earlier (ADM I think) that being pure spy makes u invulnerable to attack?
  15. Yes if they have gold out
  16.  I didn't even read a word of it
  17. So they are invulnerable because nothing can be taken from them? I think I get it