Guide to being a successful NOOB.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Ghoomba, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hey you. You should've called on my lunch break you jerk! Lol 
  2. I'm sorry D:

    I actually forgot today wa Saturday and you had work :(

    I was like why hasn't she contacted me yet :(
  3. You should see this pile of paperwork on my desk -.- it's horrible lol
  4. Why so much? Tell your lazy dad to get working instead of dumping it on you.
  5. Lol cuz it's my job to do the paperwork and accounting. Well the final stuff. Otherwise it's my underling who should be doing it -.- I've had to fix so many mistakes that she did -.-
  6. Tell your underling to learn the trade and get on your level or gtfo.

    Anyway I'm going to ear dinner,

    Keep checking for when I come back.

    I love you 
  7. "ear" dinner? What's that?  but no if she's on the same level as me she'd become a threat lol. Anywhoo.. ttys :] love you too 
  8. Welcome back :]
  9. How's the paper work coming?
  10. Slow :/ I have to do flyers too -.- And I have to reorganize one of our filing cabinets now! Fml lol. Luckily I'm out in 35 mins or so xD
  11. So you're out now :D
  12. I support this thread
  13. I support it twice

    Hey squashiiiiiiiiii <3 p
  14. goo, so im on my comp and i can see number of posts and join dates... i see mine and i see yours... >.< i've been playing longer than you and don't have anywhere near your post count D: lol
  15. The true sign of a NOOB

  16. Lol so what type of noob are you leo? rofl x